Brandon Sanderson’s surprise novels overtake Pebble watch as most successful Kickstarter ever

Brandon Sanderson’s surprise novels overtake Pebble watch as most successful Kickstarter ever

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Prolific phantasy writer Brandon Sanderson has conscionable breached the Kickstarter record for the astir palmy crowdfunded task of each time, cracking the $20,338,986 milestone acceptable by the Pebble Time all the mode backmost successful 2015.

Sanderson’s accomplishment isn’t conscionable notable for the sheer magnitude of wealth raised but for the speed. The task — for 4 caller novels that the writer wrote successful concealed implicit the people of the pandemic — was announced connected Tuesday, March 1st and broke the grounds by aboriginal Friday morning, March 4th.

The project’s archetypal extremity was to rise $1,000,000 successful 30 days; Sanderson deed that fig successful astir 35 minutes, according to The New York Times. The run presently exceeds 82,000 backers and inactive has 27 days to rise further contributions. The Pebble Time ended its record-setting run with contributions from 78,471 backers.

The apical 3 astir funded kickstarters successful past from near to right. Image: Kickstarter

There are really 2 halves to the Kickstarter project: the aforementioned 4 novels, which Sanderson volition beryllium releasing straight to fans connected a quarterly ground passim 2023 successful ebook, print, oregon audiobook formats; and a larger “Year of Sanderson” subscription container that pairs the 4 publication drops with an further 8 boxes of swag themed crossed antithetic Sanderson bid and novels.

Pledges commencement astatine $40 for conscionable the 4 ebooks, $160 for hardcovers, $360 for ebooks and the remainder of the swag, and a afloat $500 for the 4 books successful each 3 formats and the 8 swag boxes.

Sanderson is 1 of the science-fiction and phantasy genre’s astir prolific modern writers, celebrated for the sheer velocity astatine which helium churns retired caller books crossed his assorted bid (often successful examination to the glacial gait of different fashionable writers similar George R.R. Martin oregon Patrick Rothfuss), arsenic good arsenic the varied and intricate magic systems crossed his books. He besides roseate to prominence for his enactment successful finishing the last 3 books of the Wheel of Time bid pursuing the decease of archetypal writer Robert Jordan.

Sanderson is champion known, however, for the Cosmere — a massive, interconnected super-series of antithetic phantasy series, including The Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn novels, Elantris, Warbreaker, and different books and novellas. While each bid oregon caller is intended to basal up arsenic a standalone work, akin to projects similar the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the eventual extremity is simply a overmuch wider story, with characters (and their antithetic powers and abilities) crossing implicit and facing disconnected against each different arsenic the stories advancement successful each series.

Three of the 4 novels successful the Year of Sanderson bundle are caller Cosmere stories, which whitethorn assistance explicate immoderate of the popularity — overmuch similar a caller Marvel series, fans of Sanderson’s enactment thin to enthusiastically travel each caller merchandise to amended travel the overarching communicative of the Cosmere.

As with immoderate Kickstarter — and particularly high-profile projects with immense numbers of backers and standard — there’s ever a hazard that the products won’t materialize oregon that the institution won’t travel done (like infamous crowdfunding catastrophe The Coolest Cooler, present the 3rd astir funded Kickstarter campaign). That said, Sanderson’s task feels a small little risky than most, fixed that the writer has already written each 4 of the novels, successful summation to the information that books are a comparatively solved occupation successful presumption of wide production.

Sanderson’s company, Dragonsteel Entertainment, has successfully tally a Kickstarter earlier — a $6.7 cardinal task for leatherbound editions of The Way of Kings that ended with astir 30,000 backers, truthful the institution does person immoderate acquisition handling fulfillment for ample projects similar this.

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