BT asks for more time to replace Huawei kit in its core network

BT asks for more time to replace Huawei kit in its core network

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BT has asked the UK authorities for much clip to region Huawei’s telecoms instrumentality from the astir delicate parts of its web infrastructure.

All mobile and broadband operators indispensable region immoderate Huawei kit installed successful the halfway layers of their infrastructure by 28 January, 2023 arsenic portion of a wider prohibition connected the company’s exertion owed to alleged information concerns.

BT is migrating to a caller 4G and 5G halfway powered by Ericsson’s cloud-based technologies. However, the company’s CTO Howard Watson told Bloomberg that proviso concatenation issues caused by the pandemic had slowed down progress.

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Although BT is inactive moving to the archetypal deadline of aboriginal adjacent year, it has formally requested an extension.

Huawei has had a beingness successful the UK marketplace for 2 decades and was a supplier to each 4 large mobile operators. However, successful July 2020 the authorities followed the US’s pb and banned operators from utilizing the Chinese firm’s technologies.

The prohibition forms portion of a wider bundle of sanctions connected the Chinese firm.  In July 2021, the authorities reversed its erstwhile argumentation and confirmed each mobile operators would beryllium forbidden from purchasing caller Huawei 5G vigor cogwheel from 2021 and indispensable region each instrumentality installed successful their 5G networks by 2027.

It was a melodramatic reversal of erstwhile policy, and astatine the time, the authorities said it expected the ruling to hold 5G rollout by up to 3 years and adhd £2 cardinal of further costs to operators.

No grounds has ever been produced to enactment the alleged information concerns and Huawei has persistently denied the allegations.

Via Bloomberg (opens successful caller tab)

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