Bungie details Destiny 2 new PvP map and Iron Banner rework

Bungie details Destiny 2 new PvP map and Iron Banner rework

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The Season of the Risen is coming to a adjacent successful Destiny 2, and Bungie has taken the lid disconnected immoderate of the large changes connected the mode successful the coming season. The multiplayer game volition yet spot the Iron Banner rework players person been asking for, arsenic good arsenic the instrumentality of the fashionable Rift PvP mode from the archetypal Destiny.

In the latest This Week astatine Bungie, Destiny 2 assemblage manager Liana Ruppert runs down the changes coming to Iron Banner, Destiny 2’s limited-time Crucible event. When Season 17 begins, Iron Banner volition disable powerfulness levels (although these volition inactive beryllium progressive successful Trials of Osiris). Rather than being constricted to Control, Iron Banner’s crippled modes volition alteration with each season.

In Season 17, 1 of those modes volition beryllium Rift, which is returning from the archetypal Destiny. It’s a seizure the flag-style mode successful which teams of Guardians person to prime up a Spark that spawns successful the centre of the representation and transportation it into the force team’s base, wherever it tin beryllium ‘dunked’ for a point. The Spark grants a limb and quality buff to the Guardian carrying it – a alteration from the archetypal version, successful which you couldn’t sprout if you were holding the Spark. Rift volition initially lone beryllium disposable successful Iron Banner, but erstwhile Season 18 begins, it’ll spell into regular Crucible rotation.

Naturally, Rift requires a purpose-built map. It’s called Disjunction, and it’s acceptable successful Savathun’s Throne World, successful the swampy pyramid area. Bungie says to “expect tons of many-butted horses, transparent brownish glass, and creation deco designs”.

It’s besides 1 of the biggest maps to date, designed with short, medium, and agelong scope engagements successful mind. While it’s built for Rift, it’ll besides beryllium disposable successful each 6v6, 3v3, and free-for-all crippled modes, some successful Crucible and Iron Banner.

Other changes are connected the mode to Iron Banner, too: Lord Saladin won’t beryllium bothering with Iron Banner tokens anymore, and volition alternatively usage a estimation strategy similar the different vendors. He’s besides getting his ain engram-focusing system, which volition enactment conscionable similar Saint-XIV’s does – you tin unfastened engrams for a random dupe of immoderate limb oregon armour you’ve antecedently earned, oregon wage a materials outgo to ‘focus’ them connected a circumstantial dupe to get a caller rotation connected it.

Bungie is besides bringing backmost the estimation bonus you get for wearing Iron Banner armour and emblems, and Iron Banner is getting its precise ain seal and title. However, we’ll spot less Iron Banners each play – it’s dropping to 2 events, down from the accustomed three.