“Call Of Dragons” Is A Brand New Mobile MMOSLG From Dislyte And AFK Arena Publisher

“Call Of Dragons” Is A Brand New Mobile MMOSLG From Dislyte And AFK Arena Publisher

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Farlight Games, the originative minds down hugely fashionable techno-pop gacha RPG Dislyte, revealed its all-new MMOSLG game, “Call Of Dragons.” Coming aboriginal this twelvemonth to iOS and Android, Call of Dragons blends precocious phantasy themes with intense, real-time strategy combat connected a massive, infinitely zoomable battlefield. Fortify your village, rise your army, and acceptable distant with a fleet of almighty wyverns to instrumentality power of surrounding kingdoms oregon physique alliances with different players.

About “Call Of Dragons”

Call of Dragons features a roster of unique, fantasy-themed heroes and factions successful an expansive and visually stunning setting. Complete quests and missions to unlock magical “Artifacts” to powerfulness up your leader and fto the existent amusive statesman with a myriad of antithetic strategies you tin employ, similar invisibility during battle. Take your civilization from lowly colony to mighty kingdom, and limb your guilds with the champion armor and weaponry available. Conquer the skies and power your regions from supra with fleets of mighty dragons and look disconnected against force forces with a fiery assault. 

Fortune favors the funny successful Call of Dragons, rewarding exploration with collectibles hidden successful each corner. Explore villages to unlock mini-games, observe broadside quests, and find “Song Fragments,” shattered pieces of past melodies that archer the communicative of the crippled satellite Tamaris’ past and physique retired the game’s affluent lore. Complementing the game’s upgraded lighting and dependable effects, the infinitely zoomable 3D representation makes it elemental to transport troops oregon squad up with an ally.

“Our absorption has ever been creating games that let our players to create, build, and trial their strategies, and that continues with Call of Dragons. Call of Dragons delivers connected that halfway experience, and we cognize this volition beryllium the adjacent instrumentality favourite and arrogant summation to our portfolio.” – Xiao Fu and Da He, “Call Of Dragons” Producers astatine Legou

Call of Dragons Key Features:  

  • Conquer New Heights: Use flying legions to question implicit immense upland ranges and endless seas. Players tin besides prosecute successful collaborative 3D battles some connected onshore and successful the aerial utilizing their mighty dragon mounts. Those who regularisation the skies regularisation the battlefield.
  • Strategy is Key: Command up to 5 legions astatine once! Battle solo successful PVE, oregon squad up with different players successful existent PVP manner to unleash almighty magic to crook the tides of battle, engaging successful epic 40-player dungeons and slaying mythical creatures.
  • Everyone Lends a Hand: Everyone successful the confederation is the cardinal to success, and each character’s publication is visible, tangible, and notable. As they say, “it takes a village!”.
  • Master of Dragons: Tame mighty fire-breathing behemoths by defeating them successful battle, and bid them to go loyal guardians and deadly airborne weapons of destruction! Summon your scaled beasts successful PVP combat to unleash fiery panic that tin easy wide battlefields.
  • Untamed Wilds: Call of Dragons features an tremendous representation with an expansive satellite waiting to beryllium discovered and claimed. Explore freely, determination astir the representation to research caller territories, oregon usage dragons to scout different inaccessible regions.

Pre-Registration For Android Begins

Developed by Legou and published by Farlight Games (Dislyte and AFK Arena), “Call of Dragons” is presently accepting pre-registrations connected Android and volition motorboat globally connected Android and iOS platforms aboriginal this year. For much accusation astir the crippled and to enactment up to day sojourn their official website.

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