Can it run Crysis? You bet this RTX 3090 Crysis gaming PC can

Can it run Crysis? You bet this RTX 3090 Crysis gaming PC can

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A modder has transformed an RTX 3090 rig into a nanosuit inspired Crysis gaming PC, and you don’t adjacent request to inquire whether it tin tally Crysis. The monstrous instrumentality resembles Crytek’s iconic helmet, clad with a menacingly reddish visor and an unfastened sheet design.

Created by Reddit idiosyncratic Specialist_Yak9659, the customized Crysis gaming PC uses a Fractal Define S2 astatine its core, with assorted 3D printed parts helping the PC lawsuit cosplay a CELL Assault Operative. The modder says they utilized “hot aerial and hands” to mould immoderate pieces of the physique into shape, and that the task took 5 days to complete.

At the bosom of this Crysis rig is an Intel Alder Lake i7-12600k, Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR4 gaming RAM, and a founders variation Nvidia RTX 3090. As you’d possibly expect, the PC’s innards are drenched successful RGB, acknowledgment to a Byski GPU watercooler and Deepcool RF120 fans. Extra details similar outer illuminated piping assistance emphasise the ambitions of this build, portion lettering crossed the helmet hammers location the information this is simply a Crytek inspired case. Y’know, conscionable successful lawsuit you deliberation this is conscionable an angry-looking Halo Spartan oregon something.

We’ve already witnessed immoderate awesome customized rigs this year, but this Crysis gaming PC ranks among the best. Sure, you could alternatively mod a Corsair lawsuit and trim temps by 10 degrees, but shoving 1 of the best graphics cards into the caput of an FPS quality makes for an intriguing build.

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That said, we should tread lightly, arsenic if modders support creating PC lawsuit assemblage parts similar this, they mightiness outpouring to beingness and usage the Doom BFG gaming PC to stroke a spread into the broadside of Mars.

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