Can technology clean up "fast fashion"?

Can technology clean up "fast fashion"?

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Runway styles astatine Kornit Fashion Week successful Tel Aviv featured the Santa Barbara, a 50-year-old classical Naot benignant with a caller upgrade for this amusement with unsocial leathers and materials.

Naot Footwear

Over the past decade, the manner manufacture was deed with a confluence of forces that brought astir what's present known arsenic "fast fashion" -- apparel that are produced rapidly and cheaply, without overmuch respect for the attraction of workers oregon the environment. Many of those forces progressive technological advances, specified arsenic the improvement of e-commerce, the emergence of societal media influencers and algorithms that service arsenic a crystal shot for inclination watchers. 

Now, however, determination are forces astatine enactment to reign successful the wreckage of accelerated fashion. Market conditions, including planetary proviso concatenation disruptions, are pushing covering manufacturers to see much locally-based production. Consumers are becoming more socially conscious. And according to immoderate successful the concern of technology, the hardware and bundle beryllium to genuinely cleanable up accelerated fashion. 

"Consumers are becoming alert that what they're wearing is creating immense contamination connected the different broadside of the world," Ronen Samuel, CEO of Kornit Digital, said to ZDNet. "This tin payment Kornit -- and the full world. You tin [produce clothes] successful a sustainable way. You don't request to nutrient quantities truthful ample that you throw retired 30% of it. You don't request to pollute rivers. There are technologies to bash it, and Kornit is starring successful the astir sustainable way." 

Kornit is simply a 20 year-old integer printing institution based successful Israel that creates exertion for the textile industry, manner and location decor companies. The institution makes concern printers and its own, patented NeoPigment ink household that runs the colour gamut. Its printing exertion process allows for on-demand textile printing, giving brands and designers the quality to merchandise conscionable arsenic galore products arsenic they need, arsenic soon arsenic they request it. Textiles are besides printed without having to pretreat, steam oregon lavation fabrics. Kornit says its waterless printing process reduces h2o discarded and pollution. 


Kornit Atlas MAX Poly is the newest subordinate of the Kornit MAX household and the industry's archetypal for high-volume integer accumulation for vibrant plan connected polyester and polyester-blended apparel.

Kfir Ziv

But adjacent with the hardware disposable for on-demand, environmentally-friendly textile production, "the marketplace is not sustainable," Samuel said. 

Realizing this, "we understood we had to person a overmuch bigger relation successful changing the market," helium continued. "Our purpose is to go the operating strategy of the manner industry."

So Kornit developed KornitX, a cloud-based level that lets brands and designers way textile accumulation jobs to the closest fulfillers. For instance, Samuel explained: "If I spell to and bid a t-shirt, this occupation would beryllium routed to a fulfiller successful Israel who tin nutrient and vessel it locally."

With the hardware to enactment ecologically liable and businesslike production, and the bundle to assistance brands get it done locally, Kornit's adjacent determination was promotion. 


Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2022 featured 22 collections, including those from Shai Shalom.

Aviv Avramov

"We asked ourselves, what is the champion level to explicate it to the industry... that there's nary much limitation? You don't request to nutrient 18 months successful advance. You tin produce, successful days, thing you privation connected immoderate benignant of fabric, and it's afloat sustainable," Samuel said. "So we said, let's enactment successful Fashion Week." 

But alternatively of participating successful the accepted manufacture events, Kornit started its ain bid of Fashion Weeks. The institution has events successful Israel, Milan and Los Angeles. Next week, it's bringing Kornit Fashion Week to London. Designers that are invited to enactment get little than 1 period to make a afloat postulation -- wholly with Kornit technology. 

"Each point is wholly different, with antithetic colors and materials," Samuel said. The lawsuit besides brings much inclusivity and diverseness to the runway, with models of each age, size, colour and gender. 

Kornit presently has astir 1,300 customers, including fulfillers, manner brands similar Adidas, merchandisers similar Disney, and online marketplaces similar Asos. The institution sees a immense accidental astatine this infinitesimal of disruption to spouse with much manner brands and online marketplaces. 

"Something is happening, the satellite is changing," Samuel said.  "There are galore caller brands, evolving brands that are becoming overmuch bigger. In a fewer years, Shein has go the biggest marque successful the satellite -- by the way, they are accelerated fashion, and creating a batch of contamination -- due to the fact that of what they're enabling... with an astir unlimited fig of designs. We are unlimited, but we are taking it 1 measurement further."