Chocobo GP is a joyously absurd racer for Final Fantasy fans

Chocobo GP is a joyously absurd racer for Final Fantasy fans

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Many franchises person tried to draught disconnected of Mario Kart’s success, but fewer tin support up with Nintendo’s income monster. Throughout gaming history, we’ve seen kart racers featuring Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Garfield, and more. Now, Square Enix has brought its astir fashionable bid backmost to the starting gate.

Chocobo GP is simply a caller Nintendo Switch kart racer based connected the Final Fantasy series, and 1 that has a amazingly agelong history. The crippled is simply a sequel to Chocobo Racing, a 1999 PlayStation game. While the crippled was expected to get a sequel for the Nintendo 3DS, the task was softly canceled. It’s yet been revived connected the Switch, with Square Enix possibly trying to capitalize connected Mario Kart 8 Deluxe‘s absurd sales.

“Absurd” is really a beauteous bully connection to describe Chocobo GP. While it’s not the astir blase heavy racer retired there, it makes up for that with a wholly wacky consciousness of wit that volition get immoderate smiles retired of Final Fantasy historians.

Ready, set, kupo!

Chocobo GP is simply a reasonably modular Mario Kart clone, with a fewer twists. Players prime from a formed of racers pulled from the Final Fantasy series. Each has their ain elemental stats, karts, and a peculiar ability. Races are short, usually clocking successful astir 3 minutes oregon less. Like Mario Kart, players drift to get velocity boosts, cod crystals (a stand-in for coins), and snag items that tin beryllium utilized to torture unsuspecting drivers.

Steiner drives a kart successful  Chocobo GP.

The 1 standout facet is however the point strategy works. When players deed a box, they prime up magicite spells. One lets players sprout a fireball up of them, portion different sends a grim reaper to the operator successful archetypal spot (it’s fundamentally a bluish shell, but players tin debar it by mashing the close bumper). The twist is that players tin clasp 3 spells astatine a time. If they get 2 oregon 3 of the aforesaid spell, they’ll harvester for larger effects. Hold connected to your boost magicite and you mightiness get a overmuch bigger burst of velocity if you get another. That’s 1 diagnostic I’d really love to spot successful Mario Kart 9.

The racing isn’t the main attraction here, though. It’s yet a spot shallow, though it has its moments of hectic fun. What I really enjoyed present is the game’s abbreviated communicative mode, which is an perfectly chaotic acquisition for franchise fans.

The communicative is fundamentally a Saturday greeting cartoon featuring characters from Final Fantasy (think Wacky Races, for the classical cartoon fans retired there). The communicative starts with a elemental Moogle accidentally getting possessed and becoming a superhero-like operator named Racing Hero X, an evident notation to Speed Racer. From there, different Moogle and its Chocobo companion stumble into a expansive prix led by the mysterious Racing Hero X, which takes them to antithetic locations from the series’ past.

Gilgamesh gets acceptable   to contention    successful  Chocobo GP.

Fun for fans

No 1 is having arsenic overmuch amusive with itself than Chocobo GP. For Final Fantasy fans, its filled with small references to the series’ astir beloved games. Head to Alexandria and you’ll find Vivi and Steiner successful a acquainted quarrel implicit tickets. Final Fantasy VII‘s Gold Saucer becomes the game’s ain mentation of Rainbow Road. Classic summons similar Ifrit look arsenic hilariously adorable racers. And for Final Fantasy VI fans, there’s a ludicrous travel to Zozo successful store for you.

This is simply a crippled designed for eagle-eyed fans who tin drawback each the references to the bid history. Beloved euphony tracks get racing-friendly remixes, characters driblet iconic lines successful absurd contexts, and Sqaure Enix’s classical reddish pyramid logo from it’s Square Soft days makes a heartwarming small appearance.

What’s astir astonishing is that it’s a legitimately comic crippled astatine times. It’s afloat of meta jokes that poke amusive astatine Final Fantasy’s convoluted stories and adjacent giggle implicit RPG tropes. Within a fewer chapters, players amass a battalion of racers to take from, prompting 1 quality to enactment that it usually takes mode longer for an RPG enactment to capable up. While it’s intelligibly aimed astatine young kids, it consistently got a chuckle retired of me.

A Chocobo roller skates successful  Chocobo GP.

The communicative doesn’t overstay its welcome, which is good, but mileage volition alteration connected the remainder of the bundle — particularly if you walk $50 for the afloat version. There are clip trials, section multiplayer, an online tourney mode, and a store afloat of unlockables that necessitate in-game and existent currency. Since the racing isn’t terribly heavy and determination aren’t galore tracks, determination mightiness not beryllium capable nutrient connected the bony for players. However, the crippled does diagnostic a smaller free-to-play mentation for anyone who wants to get a sensation of it.

If you emotion the Final Fantasy series, especially the PlayStation’s entries, you’ll astatine slightest get a footwear retired of each the wacky ways Chocobo GP plays with history. Playing a crippled of “I understood that reference!” during cutscenes mightiness beryllium much amusive than the races themselves.

Chocobo GP comes to Nintendo Switch connected March 10 arsenic some a free-to-play crippled and a afloat $50 release.

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