Chrome OS 100 update arrives with a start menu to rival Windows 11

Chrome OS 100 update arrives with a start menu to rival Windows 11

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(Image credit: Google)

Google's ChromeOS for Chromebooks was besides updated to mentation 100, alongside its web browser, showcasing a caller app launcher and different features.

In a blogpost, the institution spoke of the app launcher being the header diagnostic here, with it moving from the halfway to the near of the screen, akin to Windows 11's commencement menu.

Searching for a word besides looks cleaner here, with results being shown successful a list, with the prime to look astatine images oregon quality connected the query. But there's besides different features, specified arsenic being capable to edit words with your dependable and utilizing the webcam to make gifs of yourself.

These are promising features arsenic we attack Google IO successful May, and marque america wonderment if we'll spot immoderate surprises astatine the lawsuit for Chrome OS.

Analysis: Strength to spot for Chrome OS

Chrome OS 100 gif feature

(Image credit: Google)

Around 2010, 'netbook' was a word that was associated with smaller-sized laptops that had a unspeakable artillery beingness and dilatory speeds, with their lone vantage being that they were disposable for a debased price. 

Tablets similar the iPad would propulsion these retired of the way, but Google saw different way successful this country with its Chromebooks, which lone tally connected ChromeOS and offered a bulk of Android apps.

These Chromebooks person lone gotten amended successful caller years, particularly for those who lone bash enactment connected Google's apps. In definite places of work, employees are fixed Chromebooks arsenic their sole machine, chiefly owed to their coagulated artillery beingness and being capable to easy entree their enactment email, spreadsheets and documents done G Suite.

With Chrome OS reaching mentation 100 and Android 13 accelerated approaching, we can't assistance but wonderment if there's going to beryllium immoderate announcements made astatine Google IO successful May. Whether that's successful gaming oregon a dedicated Pixel tablet that runs connected Chrome OS alternatively of Android, it looks to beryllium an encouraging clip if you're each successful connected the Google ecosystem.

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