Chrome OS just hit version 100, and Chromebooks are getting these new features

Chrome OS just hit version 100, and Chromebooks are getting these new features

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With Chrome OS and Chrome browser versions 100 retired now, Google has brought its caller launcher to Chromebooks. 

On Chromebooks with Chrome OS 100, users tin property the 'Everything' fastener connected the near country of the surface to unfastened the Chrome OS launcher, which, similar macOS Spotlight and Windows commencement menu, helps users hunt for apps, files and strategy settings. Launcher volition present unfastened connected the broadside of your surface alternatively of from the bottom.

For web hunt results, the Chrome OS launcher present shows much accusation wrong the launcher that looks akin to Snippets successful Google Search results. Previously, lone a summary was shown successful launcher web hunt results. The caller results should necessitate less idiosyncratic actions erstwhile searching for things similar celebrated radical and places, oregon the upwind from the launcher. Additionally, the launcher tin beryllium utilized to find strategy shortcuts.

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The left-side placement of the launcher gives much surface abstraction to already unfastened apps, Google argues. Users tin besides signifier apps by colour oregon name, and manually put them. 

A nifty caller diagnostic of the launcher is the quality to hunt for unfastened tabs and windows. "Instead of sifting done your tabs for that crossword puzzle you started this morning, a speedy hunt successful the caller Launcher volition nonstop you to the close unfastened tab," Google notes successful the announcement.

Google says the caller launcher is rolling retired to each Chromebooks soon.

Chromebooks are besides gaining a GIF-creation instrumentality that lets users make GIFs from the Camera app. Users tin prime "Video" and toggle connected the "GIF" mounting to make a five-second video that is automatically converted into a GIF for sharing connected societal media, messaging apps, oregon to an Android instrumentality utilizing Nearby Share.

Building connected the Chromebook's Dictation diagnostic for utilizing dependable to constitute an email oregon document, Google present lets users edit substance with voice. For example, saying "delete" deletes the past missive successful a sentence, portion saying "move to adjacent character" tin determination the cursor. Users request to alteration Dictation to usage the diagnostic and past property the Everything Button + D. 

Google isn't promoting voice-based substance edits arsenic an accessibility feature, but it has akin functionality to voice text-editing capabilities that Microsoft is bringing to Windows 11 done accessibility settings

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