Chromebooks will judge your USB-C cable and tell you to get a better one

Chromebooks will judge your USB-C cable and tell you to get a better one

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Alert informing the idiosyncratic    their USB-C cablegram  cannot enactment    displays
Image: Google

The latest update for Chromebooks has introduced a diagnostic that alerts users to erstwhile the USB-C cablegram being utilized is not bully enough.

Starting with Chromebooks utilizing 11th and 12th procreation Intel silicon that person USB4/Thunderbolt 3 functionality, users volition beryllium informed if the cablegram does not enactment either USB4 oregon Thunderbolt, oregon simply cannot grip the information rates required. For instance, 1 informing says outer monitors request cables to enactment 5Gbps transfers.

"To alteration a USB4 connection, regenerate the cablegram with a Thunderbolt 4 cablegram oregon a USB-C cablegram with a show standing of SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps oregon higher. Make definite the bundle of the replacement cablegram has 1 of these certified logos," 1 of the warnings states.

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The Chromebook update besides includes the quality to resize the magnified information of the surface erstwhile utilizing the docked magnifier, and the Cursive app is being preinstalled to each Chromebooks that usage a stylus.

"If you constitute a condemnation that fits amended connected a antithetic portion of the page, that's not a occupation -- easy determination it by circling the contented connected the leafage and dragging it to wherever you like," Google said.

"Didn't rather cleanable your drafting the archetypal time? Erase it by scribbling implicit it with your stylus. And if you request to adhd much notes to the apical of the page, conscionable gully a horizontal enactment and resistance your contented down to escaped up much space."

The institution said it would soon let users to set the thickness, style, and colour of the stylus stroke.

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