Comedian Rob Riggle on ‘Cursed Friends’ and making the perfect funny horror movie

Comedian Rob Riggle on ‘Cursed Friends’ and making the perfect funny horror movie

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Comedy Central’s newest movie, Cursed Friends, is being billed arsenic “The scariest movie ever…on Comedy Central” and features a fantastic ensemble formed of comedians similar Rob Riggle. Joining him successful the formed are Kathy Griffin, Jessica Lowe, Nicole Byer, Nikki Glaser, and Will Arnett, on with a fewer peculiar cameos from “celebrities” similar Nicole Richie and Joey Fatone.

Riggle’s comedic vocation spans much than 2 decades and includes his tenure connected shows similar Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show, as good as starring alongside drama legends similar Jim Carrey and Kevin Hart successful deed movies. Now, helium and the remainder of the hilarious formed are forced to woody with a menacing tone who curses groups of friends by forcing them to unrecorded retired a beingness chosen astatine random from the fashionable kid’s game, MASH. Riggle speaks with Digital Trends astir horror, comedy, and what it was similar to enactment with truthful galore comic people.

Rob Riggle hands Harvey Guillen a mysterious MASH crippled  successful  Cursed Friends Image courtesy of Comedy Central

Digital Trends: What attracted you to Cursed Friends? What made you privation to articulation the project?

Rob Riggle: The people! Everybody progressive was truly talented and truly funny. For me, these days it’s astir the radical who are involved. I had a feeling that making this movie was going to beryllium tons of fun, and it wholly was.

The movie has a talented cast. There’s you, Kathy Griffin, Nicole Byer, Nikki Glaser, and Will Arnett — conscionable to sanction a few. Was determination ever a infinitesimal erstwhile the full formed was together?

Not the afloat cast, but we had immoderate scenes wherever a bully chunk of america were each together, which was great. I had a batch of scenes with Harvey Guillén and loved each infinitesimal of it. When I was fortunate capable to beryllium astir the bigger group, we conscionable had a blast. We’d beryllium astir and archer stories. A batch of america had ever admired each different from afar but had ne'er had the accidental to enactment together, truthful it was a truly large accidental to get to conscionable radical that you’d ever wanted to enactment with.

Your quality is an overly bully and optimistic teacher. Did you ever person a teacher similar that who helped framework your character?

I deliberation we each had a spectrum of teachers… the existent pugnacious ones, the hard-asses, and past besides the truly nice, ace positive, genuinely blessed ones. I had a wood store teacher who was precise energetic and ever had euphony playing and seemed to conscionable truly emotion his life. His cognition was a small contagious. You’d locomotion into his country and euphony was playing, and he’d greet you with a, “Hey, travel connected in! Grab your information glasses and let’s get to work!”

A radical  of friends spell  to a psychic (Will Arnett) to assistance   them with the curseImage courtesy of Comedy Central

Did you ab-lib your lines, oregon were they each successful the script?

It’s ever a combination, truthful I ne'er cognize what makes the last cut. There’s ever a coagulated script, positive the writers for Cursed Friends were great. But you ever extremity up adding worldly yourself. You find small moments wherever you marque it your own, truthful it’s ever a bully hybrid of both.

Cursed Friends is simply a comedy, but it’s precise overmuch a drama inspired by horror. What are immoderate of your favourite fearfulness movies?

As a kid, I loved thrillers. I cognize Jaws doesn’t technically qualify, but erstwhile a movie tin screw you up for beingness and marque you fearfulness the ocean, I deliberation it qualifies, truthful that’s connected the list. Also, The Exorcist. I cognize a batch of radical ticker it present and laugh, but backmost successful the day, that happening was terrifying. And of course, I ever loved the slasher movies, similar Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers. There’s truthful galore bully ones.

There’s besides 1 that I find truly fascinating: The Others with Nicole Kidman. I liked that movie for immoderate reason. It had a weirdness and it was scary, but not successful a jump-scare benignant of way. Jump scares agitate maine to nary end, due to the fact that they get maine each time. I’m specified an casual people for that benignant of stuff.

Imagine they’re going to marque Cursed Friends 2. Give maine immoderate comedians that you would privation to beryllium successful the formed with you.

Oh man, well, we gotta get Paul Scheer, Owen Burke, Rob Huebel, Jason Mantzoukas, Melissa McCarthy, and Jessica St. Clair. I deliberation that would beryllium a large start, but I could spell connected and connected listing disconnected the comedians that I love, similar Heidi Gardner, Jason Sudeikis, and Paul Rudd.

If idiosyncratic is flipping channels, and they travel crossed Cursed Friends, what would you accidental to marque them privation to ticker the film?

I’d say, if you privation to spot the funniest scary movie ever made, halt surfing the channels and tune in. Be definite to bring a friend, and support your telephone successful your manus conscionable successful lawsuit the movie is excessively overmuch and you request to telephone for help.

Cursed Friends premieres connected Oct. 8 astatine 8 p.m. ET connected Comedy Central.

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