Confirmed: Prime Video's biggest show isn't what you think it is... because it's a mystery

Confirmed: Prime Video's biggest show isn't what you think it is... because it's a mystery

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The Boys hole   to instrumentality     a formation  successful  the 3rd  play   of Prime Video's deed  TV series
(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Does Prime Video person a caller biggest show? Simply put: no, it doesn't. 

Reports emerged yesterday (June 21) that The Boys had been knocked from its perch arsenic Prime Video's biggest amusement by a newcomer and was nary longer the fig 1 offering connected the streaming service. The apical amusement present was caller teen drama, The Summer I Turned Pretty. 

However, we weren't capable to validate this data, which seemed unusual fixed we've not seen galore listings of what's apical of the charts for Prime Video. 

TechRadar spoke to Amazon and a typical for Prime Video confirmed that this is not true, and nary guidance has been issued implicit the apical show.

While, The Summer I Turned Pretty does look to beryllium a deed with tons of anecdotal grounds that it's been a deed with viewers and a 2nd play already commissioned by Prime Video, it isn't the streaming service's most-streamed show. 

What is Prime Video's biggest amusement then?

Simply put, it doesn't person one, astatine slightest publicly. Unlike Netflix, which has been publishing a play list detailing its astir fashionable TV shows and movies (opens successful caller tab) over a seven-day play since November 2021, Prime Video doesn't connection up that benignant of information.

As Prime Video's spokesperson confirmed to TechRadar: "Amazon typically doesn't contented viewing figures oregon that benignant of data". 

In fact, Netflix is spot of an outlier successful being rather truthful nationalist astir what it's subscribers are watching.

To find retired figures from Prime Video, Hulu oregon Disney Plus, we're mostly forced to either trust connected surveys oregon connected figures from Nielsen, which has provided viewing figures for much accepted broadcast networks.  (opens successful caller tab)

Nielsen installs trackers wrong devices, which seizure accusation connected what's being viewed, when, by whom and however galore radical successful a household are watching. 

Prime Video's shows are portion of these figures, but Nielsen's rankings aren't precisely up the minute. The service's most-recent figures are from the week ending May 22, and, fixed The Summer I Turned Pretty dropped past Friday (June 17), it has yet to occupation Nielsen's published rankings. 

A Hollywood Reporter (opens successful caller tab) portion a fewer weeks agone named Reacher as a large deed for Prime Video and their champion conjecture astatine the platform's biggest show, with estimates of 5.76 billion minutes of viewing during the show's archetypal six weeks . But again, those are Nielsen's figures, not Prime Video's. 

The Boys is simply a large deed for Prime Video and it's nary wonderment they've announced a 4th season. According to the aforesaid report, the show's 2nd play did 4.8 billion minutes implicit its archetypal six weeks, and a source said the caller play has been bigger, but provided nary information to backmost that up

Want to work much astir The Boys' 3rd season? We've interviewed the cardinal execs and got the wrong way here...

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