Controversial Switch Kingdom Hearts cloud port gets big fix

Controversial Switch Kingdom Hearts cloud port gets big fix

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Square Enix Japan has announced that the unreality mentation of the Kingdom Hearts bid for Nintendo Switch has received an update that allows users to cheque server congestion presumption and power betwixt show and graphics modes arsenic portion of Version 1.0.3.

The server congestion presumption is the astir important spot of all, appearing crossed each 3 collections — Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and Kingdom Hearts III + ReMind. Square Enix releasing the Kingdom Hearts bid connected the Switch arsenic a unreality mentation (or the Kingdom Hearts Masterpiece Integrum collection, arsenic it’s officially called) caused contention among fans successful October 2021, arsenic they reported getting kicked retired of the server mid-game on with lag — some issues that are commonplace with net unreality streaming. Starting today, they tin spot however engaged the servers are successful bid to find erstwhile the champion clip to play is successful bid to get the champion gameplay experience.

Kingdom Hearts III + ReMind is the lone postulation that allows players to toggle betwixt show mode and graphics mode. The patch notes accidental you tin take “performance priority” oregon “graphics priority” erstwhile you commencement the crippled from the portal screen. This makes consciousness arsenic it’s the lone crippled successful the bid to person highly enhanced graphics, keeping successful measurement with modern AAA games these days.

Although Kingdom Hearts is celebrating its 20th anniversary, the series’ unreality mentation received the update a small excessively late. Fans person been begging for a autochthonal Switch larboard since Kingdom Hearts III came retired connected PS4 and Xbox One successful 2019, and they felt the unreality mentation was a slap successful the face. When Kingdom Hearts IV comes retired (eventually), hopefully Square Enix volition fig retired a cleaner solution to bring the RPG to Nintendo’s console.

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