Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red cuts off sales in Russia and Belarus

Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red cuts off sales in Russia and Belarus

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CD Projekt Red, the Poland-based developer of fashionable games similar Cyberpunk 2077 and the relation of the GOG store, is cutting disconnected income of its products to Russia and Belarus.

“In airy of the Russian subject penetration successful our neighboring state of Ukraine, until further announcement the CD PROJEKT Group has made the determination to halt each income of our games to Russia and Belarus,” the institution said connected Twitter. “Today, we statesman moving with our partners to suspend integer income and cease carnal banal deliveries of CD PROJEKT Group products, arsenic good arsenic each games distributed connected the GOG platform, to the territories of Russia and Belarus.”

In a study to investors, the institution estimated that “the approximate cumulative stock of Russia and Belarus successful CD PROJEKT RED merchandise income and successful income revenues obtained successful the GOG.COM conception implicit the past 12-month play was 5.4% and 3.7% respectively.”

CD Projekt Red joins Apple successful wholly halting income to Russia. Many different companies person besides made changes to their products and services successful effect to Russia’s invasion, specified arsenic Spotify removing contented from state-backed Russian media, Facebook nary longer recommending Russian authorities media globally, and EA pulling Russian teams from its FIFA and NHL games.

Ukraine’s vice premier minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, has called connected gaming companies astir the satellite to instrumentality enactment against Russia. In a missive tweeted on March 2nd that’s addressed to “all crippled improvement companies and esports platforms,” Fedorov asked that they “temporarily halt the information of Russian and Belorussian teams and gamers successful each planetary esports events and cancel each planetary events holding connected the territory of Russia and Belarus.” In the tweet, helium tagged the Xbox and PlayStation Twitter accounts directly. A fewer minutes later, helium asked companies similar Riot Games, EA, and Ubisoft to adjacent their offices successful Russia.

@Xbox @PlayStation

You are decidedly alert of what is happening successful Ukraine close now. Russia state warfare not for Ukraine but for each civilized world. If you enactment quality values, you should unrecorded the Russian market!

— Mykhailo Fedorov (@FedorovMykhailo) March 2, 2022

And successful a March 3rd tweet, helium pleaded to large companies, including Nintendo, Epic Games, Tencent, and Rockstar, saying that Russia “doesn’t person immoderate respect for the principles and humanity. Stop this by halting your games successful Russia!”

@EpicGames, @Nintendo, @RockstarGames, @2K, @MoontonGames, @BandaiNamcoUS, @PdxInteractive, @ATVI_AB, @Konami, @bethesda, @TencentGames, @supercell russia showed existent face. It doesn’t person immoderate respect for the principles and humanity. Stop this by halting your games successful russia!

— Mykhailo Fedorov (@FedorovMykhailo) March 3, 2022

Ubisoft has given Ukrainian-based employees “additional funds,” paid their wage successful advance, and provided alternate lodging successful neighboring countries. The Pokémon Company is giving a $200,000 donation to GlobalGiving to assistance supply humanitarian relief. Kyiv-based GSC Game World, the developers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl, said successful a video posted Wednesday that “the crippled improvement has shifted to the sidelines” due to the fact that of the penetration but that “we volition decidedly continue” aft Ukraine’s victory.

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