Daily Authority: 🤔 Pixel 7 leaks? At this time of year?

Daily Authority: 🤔 Pixel 7 leaks? At this time of year?

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Google Pixel 7 Pro Leaked Renders OnLeaks 2

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

🛫 Good morning! I’ve been compiling this newsletter connected the mode to Barcelona and finished it successful the airdrome and train. My Spanish is terrible, but una Cortado, por favor!

Pixel 7 leaks

Google Pixel 7 Pro Leaked Renders OnLeaks 1

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority


  • A clump of Pixel 7 renders from good known leaker @Onleaks, aka Steve Hemmerstoffer, backed up by leaks from David Kowalski (xleaks7) archer america a bunch, adjacent if they don’t truly amusement precise overmuch that’s interesting.
  • The leaks themselves are not interesting: they look conscionable similar the Pixel 6 line, with refinements.
  • It would marque consciousness that the designs are not a melodramatic change: the Pixel 6 represented a full caller plan connection and ethos, a distinctive look that Google mightiness privation to instrumentality with for a while, and a caller approach.
  • It’s a accordant telephone attack which shows astatine slightest immoderate improvement towards maturity.
  • This besides keeps with Samsung and its choices successful retaining a acquainted plan from the S21 to the S22.
  • By the way, the speculation is CAD files were sent around, perchance to lawsuit manufacturers to get ready.

What we’re really seeing:

  • The main differences that we’re seeing successful these aboriginal leaks, which whitethorn inactive spot changes arsenic the devices get person to launching, are astir the camera lenses.
  • Larger lenses, antithetic orientation. Er, that’s astir it?
  • Steve Hemmerstoffer is simply a reliable leaker — but lenses are weird to conjecture this acold retired truthful determination are allowances for immoderate saltation to come.
  • There is immoderate sizing info, and it’s astir not astatine each different.
  • The reported Google Pixel 7 Pro dimensions are 163 x 76.6 x 8.7mm compared to the Pixel 6 Pro’s dimensions of 163.9 x 75.9 x 8.9mm. Make what you volition of changes of little than a millimeter.
  • The leaks for the Pixel 7 person the aforesaid benignant of infinitesimal adjustments, thing that would marque you judge Google mightiness beryllium trying a antithetic signifier origin oregon going for a compact device.

Leaks this early? What it mightiness mean…

  • Ok truthful are the leaks early, oregon are the devices early?
  • Could this mean that Google volition alteration its merchandise docket and purpose to merchandise the Pixel 7 astatine Google I/O successful May?
  • There’s a lawsuit to beryllium made arsenic to wherefore that could work.
  • Google has been an outlier with flagships successful October but present with its ain silicon, possibly things volition change?
  • Hadlee Simons from our squad explains: “Google’s late-year merchandise of its flagships traditionally meant it was astatine the tail-end of the latest Qualcomm silicon. However, it’s present utilizing its ain Tensor processor utilizing blueprints from Arm. So sticking with an October motorboat model means it theoretically could beryllium archetypal to follow Arm’s caller IP, beating Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Samsung to the punch.”
  • Mind you: sticking with October successful a comparatively quiescent period, and alongside Apple, mightiness conscionable beryllium erstwhile Google likes it.
  • The different origin is the expected Pixel 6a. Previously, the rumor mill pointed to that coming retired sooner alternatively than later, apt acceptable for merchandise astatine Google I/O.
  • I haven’t seen a steadfast day yet for Google I/O but it’s usually successful May – May 18th successful 2021.


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Throwback Thursday

Remember the services we’ve loved and lost? Tom Le French, an creator archetypal featured successful this precise newsletter each the mode backmost successful 2018 for a premix of retro-cool devices – similar a Spotify cassette portion player – has been moving connected thing beauteous chill and new.

It’s called Epitaphs, a bid of gravestones devoted to the likes of BlackBerry, Napster, MySpace, and Flash Player, and more.

epitahs tom le gallic  2

Tristan Rayner / Android Authority

epitahs tom le gallic  1

Tristan Rayner / Android Authority

There’s a clump much connected Instagram too.


Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor.