Dancing with the Stars is moving to Disney+ this fall

Dancing with the Stars is moving to Disney+ this fall

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Usually, the lone clip a web TV amusement makes the leap to streaming is aft it has been canceled. But Dancing With the Stars is pursuing its ain way to the streaming realm. Disney has announced that Dancing with the Stars is leaving ABC aft 30 seasons and moving to Disney+ this fall.

The world contention amusement features nonrecreational dancers paired with celebrities successful a multi-week bid to triumph the apical prize. Dancing with the Stars made its debut connected ABC successful 2015, and the web has been capable to nutrient aggregate seasons per year. While the bid was nary longer astatine the apical of the ratings, it was a perennial well-performing amusement for ABC. The Disney+ pickup is for astatine slightest 2 further seasons of the series.

To capable the newfound spread successful its schedule, Disney-owned ABC is turning to Monday Night Football successful the fall, a instrumentality of the franchise aft it was solely disposable connected ESPN for implicit a decade. After the fall, ABC plans to usage the Monday nighttime 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. slot to “develop and put successful caller and aboriginal programming.”

Two contestants from Dancing With the Stars.

In a caller statement, Disney Media and Entertainment president Kareem Daniel said “Dancing with the Stars has entertained fans for 16 years connected ABC, and we are excited to bring this beloved amusement exclusively to Disney+ arsenic the platform’s first-ever unrecorded series. The show’s wide appeal, arsenic good arsenic the overwhelming popularity of its Disney-themed contention nights, marque Disney+ the cleanable location for Dancing with the Stars portion continuing to grow our demographic reach.”

Dancing with the Stars has been a beloved staple connected ABC for 30 seasons and brought truthful overmuch joyousness to millions of viewers,” added Walt Disney Television Chairman of Entertainment Dana Walden. “As we’re importantly expanding our unscripted slate astatine ABC, this is simply a large accidental to present this amusement to a full caller procreation of fans connected Disney+. We’re truthful grateful to our unthinkable partners astatine BBC Studios and look guardant to continuing our narration with them connected this spectacular series, which volition proceed to beryllium overseen by Rob Mills and the talented Walt Disney Television Alternative team.”

At the moment, Disney+ hasn’t announced which celebrities volition enactment successful the caller play of Dancing with the Stars erstwhile it makes its streaming debut this fall.

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