David Mamet filed a short story about airplanes to back Texas’ terrible social media law

David Mamet filed a short story about airplanes to back Texas’ terrible social media law

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David Mamet is known for plays similar Glengarry Glen Ross and Speed-the-Plow, films similar The Spanish Prisoner and Heist, books similar On Directing Film and The Wicked Son, and arsenic of past week, a abbreviated communicative astir a mislaid airplane aviator filed arsenic a ineligible little supporting societal media regularisation successful Texas.

Mamet’s amicus little is titled “Lessons from Aerial Navigation,” and arsenic it’s two pages long, you should truly conscionable spell work it. Here’s a illustration of the prose:

The Map is not the territory. The territory is the territory. The pilot’s reply to the question “where americium I?” lies not connected the map, but retired the windscreen. That’s wherever helium is. It doesn’t substance wherever helium calculated helium should be, the territory beneath him is wherever helium is.

In lawsuit you’re wondering, the representation is simply a metaphor for the internet. The implied ineligible statement is that societal media platforms person distorted “the Map” by moderating contented successful a mode Mamet — a vocal protagonist of erstwhile President Donald Trump, who’s been banned from large platforms — objects to. In effect Mamet is supporting HB 20, a currently blocked Texas law that’s meant to discourage web services from moderating blimpish posts and users. This gets a small much explicit aboriginal on:

Navigating requires utilizing tools correctly. The confused national has a map. But, if helium worked from his observations backmost to it, helium mightiness observe that helium can’t find his presumption pictured there.

Looking retired helium might, for example, spot a free, prosperous, and bully country, successful which determination was small existent poverty, scant racism, and nary “systemic” racism, wherever minorities and women, alternatively than being discriminated against were treated preferentially. (This content mightiness beryllium close oregon incorrect, but unless we similar a Ministry of Truth, the content is his ain and surely he’s entitled to it.)

Referring back, then, to his “information,” the national mightiness not beryllium capable to correlate it with his observations. He knew wherever helium was, arsenic he’d conscionable looked around. But helium recovered nary corresponding presumption connected his map.

But on the mode you tin besides find diversions similar an etymology acquisition referencing Greek mythology:

I study arsenic an outdoorsman, that Panic is real. It is the nonaccomplishment of the caput and volition to Pan, God of the Woods. The affected loses his reason, and runs astir incapable to admit those existent signs (a road, his ain footprints), which mightiness bring him backmost to safety.

Mike Masnick of Techdirt has dissected Mamet’s statement (which includes a nonfictional preface) arsenic good arsenic his determination to copyright the ineligible filing — thing that’s theoretically imaginable but beauteous rare. To sum up, Mamet’s logic hinges connected casting a partial authorities prohibition connected moderation by backstage companies arsenic extortion from authorities censorship, by somewhat dubiously calling web platforms “firms that power accusation conduits, and are privileged and subsidized by the government.”

At the hazard of stating the obvious: a justice astir apt volition not beryllium swayed by a ineligible little that includes nary existent ineligible references oregon arguments. On the different hand, if authorities legislatures are going to marque maine support covering ill-conceived and perchance unconstitutional societal media laws, I’m not going to personally complain astir writers throwing immoderate florid allegorical prose into the mix.