Destiny 2 Telesto returns, immediately breaks the game again

Destiny 2 Telesto returns, immediately breaks the game again

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Bungie included a notation to notorious exotic fusion firearm Telesto successful the caller Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted – and, perfectly successful enactment with the gun’s troubled past, its re-inclusion successful the FPS game has continued to origin issues for players. Even Halo assemblage writer Alex Wakeford, who created the ‘Previously connected Destiny’ and ‘Previously connected Halo’ lore websites, has commented that helium has besides tally into the gun’s newest enactment of mischief.

Telesto is truthful legendary for its issues that it has its ain dedicated website, which keeps way of each reported bug associated with the limb and the clip since the past known contented sprung up. The newest quality of Telesto places it successful the hands of section Tower gunsmith Banshee-44, who keeps it acceptable portion dealing with players. However, this coincided with instances of the crippled crashing erstwhile players attempted to get items from Banshee-44.

Bungie pb assemblage manager Cozmo responded to the news with a ‘reset the clock’ gif, referencing the Telesto study website. Halo writer Wakeford besides ran into the issue, posting an representation of Banshee-44 with bare hands positioned arsenic though they were holding the firearm and asking, “Where did Telesto go??”

Bungie has already pulled Telesto from Destiny 2 connected aggregate occasions owed to immoderate of its much terrible bugs, truthful possibly the weapon is taking matters into its ain hands and making itself scarce. Or perhaps, arsenic immoderate assemblage members speculate, Telesto has yet achieved sentience and escaped to roam the Tower, zapping subordinate servers erstwhile they slightest expect it.

oh no…


— Alex Wakeford (@haruspis) May 30, 2022

Given the existent season’s name, possibly this is each the commencement of an elaborate metagame communicative by Bungie to thin into the enigma of a ‘haunted weapon’ for the space game. If you’ve managed to elude Telesto’s troublemaking, you mightiness privation to cognize how to commencement the Destiny 2 Nightmare Containment activity which is portion of Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted.