Destiny 2: The Witch Queen: How to unlock the Parasite exotic

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen: How to unlock the Parasite exotic

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It’s 1 happening to hitch retired scores of enemies with a azygous changeable successful Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. It is rather different to bash truthful with their ain exploding larva. Such is the joyousness of Parasite, an highly almighty exotic-grenade launcher that weaponizes larva successful a hilariously macabre way. This is simply a limb nary self-respecting guardian volition privation to bash without. We volition locomotion you done however to get 1 of your ain successful this step-by-step usher unlocking Parasite successful Destiny 2.

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Of Queens and Worms

A hive worm talks to the subordinate    from his spot  connected  an change  successful  Destiny 2.

First, you request to implicit the main Witch Queen campaign. Once that is wrapped up, sojourn Ikora Rey astatine the Enclave. She volition delegate you the quest “Of Queens and Worms.” Next, spell talk to Mara Sov. She’s hanging retired adjacent the Artifact successful the Enclave. Approach the dying worm and she volition commencement volition delegate your archetypal mission: implicit the Birthplace of the Vile strike.

Complete the strike, but don’t permission close distant aft sidesplitting the boss. There is simply a hidden enclosure astatine the backmost of the room, revealed by activating your Deepsight ability. Inside is an altar, spot the worm connected it.

Fun with Cryptoglyphs

The subordinate    lights torches to transverse  a platforming puzzle successful  Destiny 2.

Head to the Quagmire successful Savathun’s Throneworld, and sojourn Fynch. He volition task you with locating a Cryptoglyph. Follow the marker connected your representation to the Temple of Cunning (it’s a agelong trip), and hitch retired the enemies astatine the marked determination to get the Cryptoglyph.

The Cryptoglyph needs to charge, and successful existent hive fashion, that means violence. In this case, 100 scorn request to beryllium slain. There are casual to find successful the Quagmire, particularly during nationalist events.

Once the Cryptoglyph is charged you request to find much alters, located astatine the Throne World mislaid sectors. First, sojourn the Sepulcher mislaid assemblage successful the Florescent Canal. Once you implicit the mislaid assemblage activate Deepsight to find a hidden country with the alter.

Next, implicit patrols successful Florescent Canal. Any volition do, though the “kill” patrols bash thin to beryllium the quickest.

It’s clip to stitchery different Cryptoglyph, this clip successful the Queen’s Bailey. Just similar the past Cryptoglyph, you volition request to travel your nonsubjective marker to a far-flung constituent connected the map, and hitch retired a fewer waves of enemies.

Take the Cryptoglyph to the Metamorphosis mislaid sector, recovered successful the Miasma portion of Savathun’s Throne World. Clear the mislaid sector, activate Deepsight, and located the hidden country with the alter.

The last Cryptoglyph is successful Alluring Curtain. Wipe retired the enemies astatine the extremity arsenic usual, but you won’t get the Cryptoglph close away. Activate Deepsight, and respective platforms volition appear. Three of them person torches atop them. Shoot the torches to airy them, and a thorax volition appear. Open the thorax to get the Cryptoglyph.

Extraction, located successful the quagmire, is the last Lost Sector you request to visit. You cognize the drill. Clear the enemies, slay the boss, and usage Deepsight to find the hidden country with the Alter.

Make the worm enactment for you

Mara Sov completes a ritual to unlock the Parasite limb   successful  Destiny 2.

Return to Fynch, and helium volition springiness you the Hive Casing. This is fundamentally a placeholder successful your dense limb slot, truthful you whitethorn request to marque country earlier you tin instrumentality it from Fynch. Once you person the Hive Casing caput to Florescent Canal, and motorboat the recently added Parasitic Pilgrimage mission.

The opening of the Parasitic Pilgrimage is fundamentally an agility puzzle. The Worm is dying, and you request to tally done a bid of glowing pools earlier clip runs out. Avoid the deadly traps astir the pools, and don’t fuss trying to termination galore of the enemies, arsenic they spawn endlessly.

Eventually, you volition get astatine Mara Sov, and she volition assistance you the Parasite exotic grenade launcher. You volition request it to support her portion she completes a ritual. Wave aft question of enemies volition spawn. Look for glowing pools of airy to refill the Parasite, and motorboat those larvae with reckless abandon. Eventually Mara volition implicit the ritual, and the Parasite volition beryllium yours to keep. IN THE TOP LEFT CORNER IN THIS BOX)

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