Destiny 2: what is the Legendary Lost Sector today?

Destiny 2: what is the Legendary Lost Sector today?

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Are you looking for the Legend oregon Master Lost Sector locations successful Destiny 2? While galore Destiny 2 Exotics tin beryllium bought from Xûr oregon adjacent successful the satellite loot pool, the Exotics successful these peculiar Lost Sector instances cannot, forcing players to research these unsafe areas if they privation the champion instrumentality available. To marque matters worse, you person to implicit them connected your ain to get a accidental astatine the champion rewards.

The determination for the Legend and Master Lost Sector quests look with the regular reset astatine 5pm UTC. Before you tin instrumentality connected Legend Lost Sectors, you request to implicit all the mean Lost Sectors first. If you don’t, the caller Legend Lost Sectors volition not look connected the map. Each day, the location, modifiers, and rewards rotate retired for thing new. As of Season of the Risen, the Legend and Master Lost Sector quests both instrumentality spot successful the aforesaid location.

It’s important to retrieve that Exotic drops are not guaranteed aft completing these quests, truthful you whitethorn person to tally done the aforesaid Lost Sector aggregate times. You tin spell done them quests with a fireteam, but your rewards volition beryllium reduced to Enhancement Cores only.

Destiny 2 Legend and maestro Lost Sector location

Date Legendary/Master Lost Sector Rewards
March 31 Chamber of Starlight Exotic Head Armor
April 1 K1 Revelation Exotic Legs Armor
April 2 K1 Crew Quarters Exotic Arms Armor
April 3 K1 Logistics Exotic Chest Armor
April 4 Metamorphosis Exotic Head Armor
April 5 Sepulcher Exotic Legs Armor
April 6 Extraction Exotic Arms Armor
April 7 Veles Labyrinth Exotic Chest Armor
April 8 Exodus Garden 2A Exotic Head Armor
April 9 Aphelion’s Rest Exotic Legs Armor
April 10 Bay of Drowned Wishes Exotic Arms Armor
April 11 Chamber of Starlight Exotic Chest Armor
April 12 K1 Revelation Exotic Head Armor
April 13 K1 Crew Quarters Exotic Legs Armor
April 14 K1 Logistics Exotic Arms Armor

And that’s each we person for the Legend and Master Lost Sector locations successful Destiny 2. Find retired what the Nightfall limb is this week successful Destiny 2.

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