Devialet Dione Soundbar Review

Devialet Dione Soundbar Review

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Devialet Dione Style photograph  - bar

The Devialet Dione is simply a soundbar with a unsocial design. It's mostly made of achromatic plastic, with grey cloth covering the up-firing speakers connected apical arsenic good arsenic the beforehand and the sides. There's a integrative orb that serves arsenic the halfway channel, allowing the barroom to accommodate its acoustics based connected whether it's wall-mounted oregon placed connected a portion of furniture.

The Devialet Dione doesn't travel with a discrete subwoofer; however, there's a subwoofer integrated into the barroom itself.

Devialet Dione Dimensions photograph  - bar

Width 47.2" (120.0 cm)

Height 6.5" (16.6 cm)

Depth 3.5" (9.0 cm)

The Devialet Dione is rather wide, truthful it doesn't acceptable betwixt the legs of a 55" TV stand. If you spot it level connected a portion of furniture, it isn't gangly capable to artifact your screen. We tested the barroom with it placed connected 2 stands to mimic its show erstwhile mounted connected a wall, truthful our measurements correspond the barroom erstwhile it's successful a mounted position.

Width N/A

Height N/A

Depth N/A

Width N/A

Height N/A

Depth N/A

Devialet Dione Back photograph  - bar

Bar Mounting Universal (holes connected underside)

The backmost of the Devialet Dione has an opening for the inputs arsenic good arsenic the powerfulness cable. There are besides universal holes beneath the barroom that fto you equine it to your wall. The barroom comes with lugs to connect it to your wall; however, you person to bargain the screws and the dowels separately.

Devialet Dione Build prime   photo

The Devialet Dione has a large physique quality. Overall, it has a coagulated feel, with integrative and cloth that look choky and durable. The halfway transmission 'orb' is besides made of integrative and is rather sturdy, truthful erstwhile you presumption it, you don't person to interest astir it moving around. That said, if you brushwood your fingernails against the integrative apical of the bar, it tin permission marks behind. You should beryllium capable to hitch them distant utilizing a cloth, but it's unfortunate for specified a premium bar.

Devialet Dione In The Box photograph

HDMI Cable Length 1.5 m (4.9 ft)

Digital Optical Cable Length 1.5 m (4.9 ft)

  • Manuals
  • Wall-mounting template
  • 2x lugs
  • 4x rubber feet
  • HDMI cable
  • Optical cable
  • Power cable


Devialet Dione Stereo Setup

Devialet Dione Raw Frequency Response

Devialet Dione Frequency Response Small

Tested Preset Music

Slope -0.99

Std. Err. 3.48 dB

Low-Frequency Extension 24.1 Hz

High-Frequency Extension 19.3 kHz

The Devialet Dione has a large stereo frequence response. It comes with a country correction feature, which automatically optimizes audio reproduction based connected your room's unsocial acoustics. With it on, the barroom has a bass-heavy dependable illustration that adds plentifulness of rumble to the mix. Vocals and pb instruments are inactive rather clear, though, acknowledgment to the balanced mid and treble ranges. As a result, the bar's suitable for listening to astir types of audio content, from vocal-centric TV shows to bass-heavy euphony genres. We tested the barroom with it placed connected 2 stands to mimic its show erstwhile mounted connected a wall; however, fixed that the dependable was much wide and pleasant compared to erstwhile we placed the barroom connected the table. You tin spot the frequence effect comparisons for barroom successful antithetic positions here.

Note: Stereo contented plays decently erstwhile the barroom is acceptable to its 'Music' preset. However, if you acceptable it to 'Movie', it upmixes stereo contented into 5.1.2 to play it (Devialet calls this their SPACE Technology). The resulting dependable is much muddy, truthful vocals and pb instruments aren't arsenic wide successful the mix. The aforesaid contented is evident whether you spot the Devialet Dione connected your array oregon you equine it to your wall. It's not the champion prime for listening to stereo contented similar music, but it does connection a much cinematic dependable with movies.

Devialet Dione Frequency Response Calibrated

Suggested Preset Music

Suggested Bass Setting N/A

Suggested Treble Setting N/A

Slope -0.99

Std. Err. 3.48 dB

Low-Frequency Extension 24.1 Hz

High-Frequency Extension 19.3 kHz

Aside from its 3 EQ presets, determination aren't immoderate customization tools disposable to assistance you set the bar's sound. If you similar a much neutral sound, you tin usage the Devialet Dione connected its default 'Music' preset.

Devialet Dione Crosstalk

Crosstalk Error 2.53 dB

The Devialet Dione has a decent stereo soundstage. Whether you equine it to the partition oregon spot it connected your table, the soundstage is perceived to beryllium astir arsenic wide arsenic the barroom itself. It has amended absorption erstwhile you spot it connected the table, meaning that it's easier to spot dependable effects to circumstantial locations successful the soundstage. When it's mounted to your wall, you announcement immoderate holes successful the soundstage that marque it hard to hint dependable effects arsenic they determination from 1 presumption to another. Since the absorption of the speakers changes based connected however the bar's positioned, dependable interacts otherwise with your room's walls and acoustics, resulting successful the alteration successful performance.

Devialet Dione Dynamic Range Compression

SPL @ Max Volume 93.4 dB SPL

DRC @ Max Volume 2.64 dB

The Devialet Dione has decent stereo dynamics. It gets large capable to capable up larger surviving rooms with sound, but unfortunately, there's immoderate compression erstwhile you propulsion it to max volume. You announcement pumping and compression artifacts successful your audio arsenic a result, particularly successful the bass range.

Devialet Dione THD

Weighted THD @ 80dB 0.24

Weighted THD @ Max Volume 0.83

The Devialet Dione has a large stereo full harmonic distortion performance. At mean listening volumes, it falls wrong bully limits, truthful audio reproduction is cleanable and pure. While there's a tiny leap successful THD crossed the scope astatine max volume, it inactive falls wrong bully limits. Your audio doesn't dependable distorted arsenic a result.

Devialet Dione Center Setup

Devialet Dione Frequency Response

Localization Discrete

Slope -1.86

Std. Err. 6.35 dB

SPL @ Max Volume ≈ 99.0 dB SPL

Weighted THD @ 80dB 0.65

Weighted THD @ Max Volume 0.45

The Devialet Dione has a decent halfway transmission performance. It's a 5.1.2 bar, truthful there's a discrete halfway transmission included, which helps to much intelligibly reproduce dialog successful the soundstage. It's the unsocial 'orb' successful the halfway of the bar, truthful successful bid to get the best-possible dependable quality, you request to manually rotate the orb to the close position, past acceptable the bar's predisposition successful the Devialet App. The channel's frequence effect is rather bass-heavy, truthful dialog is somewhat muddy successful the mix.

Note: The Devialet Dione seems to person a fuse successful spot to forestall measurement damage, truthful we had to estimation the max measurement utilizing CTA files for the center, surround, and Atmos channels. However, it's truly important to enactment that we lone experienced this contented with the sweeps and not with real-life content—so you aren't apt to acquisition this contented successful the existent world.

Devialet Dione Surround Setup

Devialet Dione Frequency Response

Localization Phantom (Side Firing, Bar)

Slope -1.91

Std. Err. 5.68 dB

SPL @ Max Volume ≈ 102.0 dB SPL

Weighted THD @ 80dB 0.34

Weighted THD @ Max Volume 0.70

7.1 Rears No

The Devialet Dione has a middling surrounds performance. There are side-firing speakers built into the barroom that simulate a phantom surround. However, the resulting dependable isn't arsenic wide oregon arsenic existent arsenic the acquisition with dedicated situation speakers. Sound effects look similar they travel from speakers placed successful beforehand of you alternatively than from speakers placed each astir you. Unfortunately, you can't adhd connected abstracted rear speakers to amended its performance.

Devialet Dione Height Setup

Devialet Dione H Frequency Response

Localization Phantom (Up Firing, Bar)

Slope -0.95

Std. Err. 3.65 dB

SPL @ Max Volume ≈ 97.0 dB SPL

Weighted THD @ 80dB 0.33

Weighted THD @ Max Volume 0.22

The Devialet Dione uses up-firing drivers built into the barroom to ricochet dependable disconnected the ceiling and backmost down towards you, creating the illusion of height. These channels person a reasonably neutral frequence response, but the deficiency of rumble successful the low-bass means that you don't consciousness the excitement successful action-packed scenes similar helicopters oregon explosions coming from above.

Its soundstage with Atmos contented offers a reasonably immersive listening experience, particularly if you equine it to the partition alternatively of mounting it connected a table. When it's mounted, you consciousness much rumble successful the bass range, truthful action-packed scenes look much wide and real, and you consciousness the punch successful the bass from your sofa similar you would successful a movie theater. The barroom tin simulate tallness beauteous well, too, and you get the feeling that dependable effects are coming from supra you and each astir you successful sync with the enactment connected your screen. The Devialet Dione does a bully occupation for a standalone bar.

Room Correction Yes

Dialogue Enhancement Yes

Auto-Volume/Night Mode Yes

Subwoofer Level Adjustment No

Bass Adjustment No

Treble Adjustment No

EQ Presets

Surround Level Adjustment No

Rear Level Adjustment No

Height Level Adjustment No

Virtual Surround No

The Devialet Dione has a disappointing enactment of dependable enhancement features. There's a country correction mode that automatically calibrates the barroom based connected your room's unsocial acoustics, but otherwise, determination isn't overmuch other available. You person 3 EQ presets: 'Movie', 'Music', and 'Vocals', which doubles arsenic a dialog enhancement mode. Compared to different premium bars, you don't person a existent quality to alteration its frequence response, which is antithetic for its price. There's nary remote, either, truthful speech from a fewer basal controls connected the barroom itself, you request to usage the Devialet App to entree the fewer features it has.


Devialet Dione Physical inputs barroom  photograph  1

Devialet Dione Physical inputs barroom  photograph  2

Optical Audio In 1



Full HDMI In No

Analog Audio In 3.5mm (Aux) No


USB for Files No

Ethernet 1

You tin link the Devialet Dione to your TV utilizing its HDMI oregon Optical inputs, and some cables are included successful the container for easier setup. However, you won't find a Full HDMI In port, truthful you can't usage the barroom arsenic a hub betwixt antithetic devices, similar your TV and your PC, for high-quality passthrough.

eARC Yes

Dolby Atmos Yes

Dolby Digital Yes

Dolby Digital Plus Yes


DTS:X (eARC only) No

Dolby TrueHD (eARC only) Yes

DTS-HD MA (eARC only) No

5.1 PCM (eARC only) Yes

The Devialet Dione supports galore of the communal audio formats, including Dolby Digital, which is the astir frequently-used 5.1 situation dependable format connected Blu-rays and galore streaming platforms. It besides supports immoderate lossless and object-based formats, similar Dolby Atmos. There's nary DTS support, though, and portion this format isn't that communal connected its own, it's often the fallback for higher-quality DTS-HD MA Blu-Rays.

Dolby Atmos No


Dolby Digital No

Dolby Digital Plus No


Dolby TrueHD No


5.1 PCM No

Dolby Digital Yes


The Devialet Dione supports Dolby Digital via Optical. You're apt to travel crossed this format connected astir streaming platforms and Blu-rays. However, there's nary DTS support.

ARC 125 ms

Optical 109 ms

Full HDMI In N/A

The Devialet Dione has reasonably precocious latency implicit its ARC and Optical ports, truthful you announcement a spot of a hold betwixt the audio you perceive and the video you spot connected your screen. It's astir noticeable with dialogue-centric contented similar TV shows, wherever you person immoderate lip-synching issues. Unfortunately, the app doesn't person immoderate tools to assistance set this issue, but your TV whitethorn person immoderate features connected hand. Some apps and TVs compensate for latency differently, too, truthful your real-world acquisition tin vary.

Bluetooth Yes

Wi-Fi Yes

Chromecast built-in No

Apple AirPlay Yes

The Devialet Dione lets you wirelessly watercourse audio from your mobile instrumentality to the barroom implicit respective antithetic formats, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Apple AirPlay 2. The shaper says there's Spotify Connect enactment arsenic well.

4k @ 60 Hz Passthrough No

4k @ 60 Hz @ 10 spot Passthrough No

4k @ 60 Hz @ 4:4:4 Passthrough No

HDR10 Passthrough No

Additional Features

Devialet Dione Interface photo

Display No

There's nary display, but the Devialet Dione has a tiny airy that changes colour depending connected the source. It besides flashes erstwhile you alteration the volume. You tin alteration the LED presumption successful the app if you privation to crook it off.

Devialet Dione Controls photo

There are immoderate touch-sensitive buttons connected apical of the Devialet Dione to fto you power its basal features. You tin set the volume, play/pause your audio, activate Bluetooth, and mute and unmute the microphone. There's nary dependable adjunct connected hand, but these microphones are portion of the bar's country correction feature—if you permission it muted, the diagnostic is disabled. Finally, the Devialet Button lets you power betwixt HDMI and Optical inputs, and you tin property it for 7 seconds to participate standby mode.

Amazon Alexa No

Google Assistant No

Apple Siri No

Devialet Dione App image

App Name Devialet App

iOS Yes

Android Yes

Acts As A Remote Yes

Controls Soundbar's Settings All

Casts Device Files Yes

The Devialet App acts arsenic a distant and lets you power each of the bar's settings, including those you can't set utilizing the buttons connected the bar. For example, you tin entree country calibration, alteration the EQ presets, activate Night Mode, and alteration the bar's position. You tin besides alteration the LED status, truthful if you find the airy distracting, you tin crook it off. Overall, the app is intuitive and casual to use.

Power Saving Standby

HDMI CEC (TV Remote Control) Yes

The Devialet Dione has a standby mode, but to activate it, you person to clasp down the Devialet fastener for 7 seconds. You person to retrieve to crook it connected manually since it doesn't activate this diagnostic automatically. To aftermath up the bar, you tin property immoderate button. Also, there's HDMI CEC support, truthful you tin usage your TV distant to power immoderate of its basal features.