DIY Tip: You can now buy official Pixel repair parts from iFixit

DIY Tip: You can now buy official Pixel repair parts from iFixit

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Jason Cipriani/ZDnet

Google has teamed up with iFixit to connection authoritative parts and guides for repairing its Pixel telephone lineup. That means if you driblet and ace the screen, the rear camera stops working, oregon the artillery needs replaced, you tin present bash the repair yourself astatine location alternatively of taking it to a repair shop. 

Google first announced the repair programme backmost successful April, and aft a insignificant wait, the authoritative rollout of the programme was announced at the extremity of June.

Parts are disposable for the Pixel 2 done the Pixel 6 and are reasonably priced. For example, a repair kit to regenerate a Pixel 5a artillery is $49.99. Not lone does that see the battery, but it includes each of the tools that you'll request to marque the repair. 

That means you won't person to hunt for a tiny screwdriver with the close size of tip, oregon a suction cupful to assistance assistance the backmost disconnected the phone; it comes with everything. If you don't request the tools, you tin bid conscionable the portion for astir $13 little than the listed price. 

If you person 1 of Google's newest phones similar the Pixel 6 you can repair the surface for $126.99

Pixel 6 Screen Repair Guide
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In summation to each of the tools and parts you need, iFixit has step-by-step guides to locomotion you done the repair process. That said, repairing your ain smartphone isn't for the faint of heart. You'll beryllium dealing with tiny parts and cables, truthful instrumentality your clip and travel the guide. And if you extremity up not being comfy doing the repair, it's a bully thought to instrumentality it to a repair store and wage other to person a nonrecreational bash the repair for you.

iFixit besides has repair kits for galore different Android phones and Apple's iPhone. However, not each of them are officially sanctioned by the archetypal shaper arsenic is the lawsuit with the Pixel parts.