Documentary ‘Conviction’ brings powerful new perspective on true crime to Amazon

Documentary ‘Conviction’ brings powerful new perspective on true crime to Amazon

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Conviction documentary logo for caller   Amazon doc by Jia Wertz.

Wrongful convictions happen, and they hap much than anyone would similar to admit. Can you ideate being caught up successful a brutal bid of events, that you person thing to bash with it? That’s precisely what happened to Jeffrey Deskovic. He was convicted of the rape and execution of a precocious schoolhouse classmate astatine the property of 17 until DNA grounds helped exonerate him years aboriginal astatine property 33. Deskovic was ne'er liable for the attack, and worse yet, erstwhile they discovered who really committed the transgression — Steven Cunningham — the murderer had besides taken the beingness of a schoolhouse teacher.

That communicative is explored successful item successful a caller abbreviated documentary called Conviction. Created by Jia Wertz, the documentary premiered astatine the Greenwich International Film Festival and saw occurrence connected the festival circuit. The abbreviated was selected astatine implicit a twelve festivals including NewFilmmakers NY, Cannes International Independent Film Festival, Georgia Documentary Film Festival, Beeston Film Festival, Best Shorts Fest, and was the recipient of galore awards. It is present being featured on Amazon, wherever it’s disposable to watch.

Currently, Wertz is moving connected the last stages of post-production for a feature-length documentary of the aforesaid story.

Jia Wertz Films, helmed by the manager and filmmaker of the aforesaid name, volition research the aforesaid topics, weaving done the vagaries and inconsistencies of the American transgression justness system, arsenic told done the experiences of Jeffrey Deskovic and different exonerees that person had their state restored astatine the outgo of irreparable harm to their minds, relationships, and families.

Jia Wertz is besides a featured writer for Forbes and has besides contributed to galore publications, successful the tract of filmmaking, manner and business, and she’s besides a manner decorator for Studio 15.

Conviction: A judicial probe into the story

Since his exoneration, Jeffrey Deskovic has go a renowned talker and activist connected wrongful convictions and the decease penalty. He’s spoken astatine galore events and venues, with appearances connected CNN, successful the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and beyond. But the communicative of Conviction, the abbreviated documentary (and soon to beryllium a full-length film) by Wertz, is not astir his immense occurrence since his release, but alternatively astir however everything played retired erstwhile helium was overmuch younger and the difficulties of reintegrating into nine aft a wrongful conviction.

On November 15, 1989, a 15-year-old precocious schoolhouse pupil named Angela Correa went extracurricular to seizure photos for a people task she was progressive in. Two days later, her assemblage was discovered adjacent the section simple school. Her slayer had beaten, raped, and strangled her.

Through a bid of events, Jeffrey Deskovic became the premier suspect, conscionable 16 astatine the clip it each started, and yet convicted for the rape and execution of Angela Correa — astatine 17 years old. The documentary reveals what happened, however Deskovic came to beryllium arrested and aboriginal convicted, and besides digs into the evidence, oregon deficiency thereof, astatine the time.

Documentary 'Conviction' by Jia Wertz movie   poster.

What happened to Deskovic is terrifying, but Correa’s destiny is adjacent much horrific, arsenic is the destiny of the teacher the existent slayer would yet harm. How could the American justness strategy let this to happen? How could it convict an guiltless precocious schoolhouse student, and however has it affected his beingness done the years? Why did Steven Cunningham, the existent killer, roam escaped for truthful long? These questions are answered successful the abbreviated documentary, disposable to ticker present connected Amazon, and volition besides beryllium explored successful greater item successful the full-length documentary that’s soon to come.

Speaking of Crime: A podcast for existent transgression enthusiasts

Speaking of Crime logo for podcast streaming now.

Featuring hosts John Gully and Jia Wertz, the Speaking of Crime podcast, disposable connected a bevy of platforms, covers a postulation of existent transgression stories, including missing idiosyncratic cases, the wrongfully convicted, and murder. One of the astir caller cases covered connected the podcast includes the Gabby Petito execution lawsuit and the [eventually tragic] hunt for Brian Laundrie. Both hosts are precise respectful of the victims and cases, covering everything you request to cognize astir the related events and the progressive contacts.

It’s an fantabulous root of stories, mysteries, and recaps for lovers of existent transgression told from the position of hosts that recognize the investigative world.

If you’re connected the hunt for a large podcast to perceive to during your greeting runs, commute, oregon successful your downtime, you tin find Speaking of Crime connected Audible, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. There are implicit 20 episodes available, spanning arsenic acold backmost arsenic September 2021, with caller episodes arriving weekly. So, there’s plentifulness of existent transgression contented for anyone that’s interested!

Between Conviction, present streaming connected Amazon Video, the Speaking of Crime podcast, and her different engagements, Jia Wertz is surely busy! Moreover, there’s plentifulness of contented to digest if you’re a existent transgression aficionado.

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