Does ray tracing work on the Intel Arc GPUs?

Does ray tracing work on the Intel Arc GPUs?

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Intel is the newest subordinate successful the GPU marketplace present that the institution has yet launched its Arc Alchemist GPUs. Since these are first-generation products from a institution that has astir nary acquisition successful making desktop-grade graphics, you mightiness wonderment if GPUs similar the Arc A770 and A750 enactment modern features similar ray tracing.

Intel Arc does successful information enactment ray tracing, conscionable similar AMD and Nvidia does, and the show mightiness adjacent astonishment you.

Does ray tracing enactment connected Intel Arc?

The Intel logo connected  the Arc A770 graphics card.

You mightiness callback that successful 2018, erstwhile Nvidia archetypal introduced its Turing architecture with ray tracing capability, not each Turing GPUs really had ray tracing support. All RTX 20-series cards had ray tracing, but not the lower-end to midrange GTX 16-series, which utilized importantly little analyzable silicon.

Given that Arc is some Intel’s archetypal effort astatine gaming GPUs for the desktop and besides Intel’s archetypal ray tracing-capable GPU, you mightiness wonderment if lone the higher-end Arc cards person ray tracing support. In fact, each Arc GPUs person the hardware indispensable for ray tracing, adjacent the lowest-end A310.

On a bundle level, Arc supports ray tracing successful DirectX 12 and Vulkan titles, which represents astir each games that person ray tracing. This puts Arc connected adjacent footing with AMD and Nvidia erstwhile it comes to bundle compatibility.

Intel Arc Alchemist ray tracing benchmarks

Ray tracing benchmarks for Intel Arc GPUs astatine  1080p.

Of course, being capable to crook connected ray tracing doesn’t mean overmuch if the show is bad. Again, this is simply a first-generation merchandise for Intel successful aggregate aspects, and you’d beryllium justified successful being a spot skeptical astir whether oregon not Arc tin truly perform. Well, arsenic you tin spot successful the supra illustration from our Arc A770 and A750 review, these midrange cards are really rather bully astatine ray tracing.

On average, the A770 is astir 18% faster than the RTX 3060 and conscionable 12% slower than the RTX 3060 Ti. AMD’s midrange GPUs can’t truly clasp a candle to Intel oregon Nvidia, which means that Arc is successful astatine slightest 2nd spot successful the ray tracing game.

Cyberpunk 2077 ray tracing benchmarks astatine  1080p.

It is important to constituent retired that ray tracing is highly assets intensive and connected midrange GPUs, the framework complaint tin beryllium truthful debased that there’s nary constituent successful enabling it.

In Cyberpunk 2077, which we tested astatine 1080p and with ray tracing acceptable to Ultra, the show wasn’t precise bully connected Intel Arc oregon immoderate different GPU, with lone the RTX 3060 Ti achieving supra 30 frames per 2nd (fps). But that’s not the lawsuit for different games.

Metro Exodus ray tracing benchmarks astatine  1080p.

In Metro Exodus, which we tested with akin settings, each GPUs were capable to deed playable framework rates. The A770 and A750 adjacent pb successful this benchmark, beating the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3060 by a important margin. None of these GPUs (Intel, AMD, oregon Nvidia) are for gamers wanting to alteration ray tracing successful each azygous crippled possible, but they bash enactment ray tracing and tin bash it good capable successful immoderate games, which is amended than nothing.

We haven’t tested lower-end Arc GPUs similar the A380 oregon the A310, but based connected the spec expanse alone, we tin astir apt conjecture that they person precise mediocre ray tracing performance. The A770 has 32 ray tracing units (or RTUs), portion the A380 has 8 and the A310 has conscionable six, which means the A380 has a 4th of the RTUs the A770 has.

Some aboriginal reviews of the Arc A380 recovered that the GPU could conscionable hardly scope 30 fps successful a fewer titles astatine 1080p, which is not large to accidental the least. While ray tracing is technically supported crossed the full stack, that enactment is of questionable usage depending connected the performance. The A770 and A750 astatine slightest person immoderate crushed to enactment ray tracing, however.

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