Does the Google Pixel Watch work with an iPhone?

Does the Google Pixel Watch work with an iPhone?

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The satellite of Wear OS smartwatches became a batch much absorbing this week with Google’s announcement of its archetypal smartwatch, the Pixel Watch. While there’s nary shortage of Android-compatible smartwatches, determination are comparatively fewer ascendant players successful this market, particularly erstwhile you constrictive the tract down to devices that connection a autochthonal Wear OS experience.

While a fewer Wear OS smartwatches similar the Moto 360 and Oppo Watch person made immoderate impact, it’s just to accidental that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup dominates the landscape. Samsung watches are undoubtedly the archetypal devices astir folks deliberation of erstwhile it comes to Android smartwatches, but that whitethorn alteration present that Google is putting its value down the Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch with 2  antithetic  strap styles.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

It remains to beryllium seen whether Pixel Watch volition yet topple the Galaxy Watch 5, but its accomplishment besides raises different important question for smartwatch fans: What astir the overwhelmingly fashionable Apple Watch?

Can I usage Pixel Watch with an iPhone?

There’s small uncertainty that the Apple Watch is the champion smartwatch for iPhone owners, but it besides doesn’t wounded Apple’s ecosystem that it’s conscionable astir the lone smartwatch that’s genuinely compatible with the iPhone.

At 1 time, Android watchmakers similar Samsung offered immoderate iPhone compatibility with a third-party Galaxy Watch iOS app. For immoderate reason, it stopped doing that a mates of years ago; the 2020 Galaxy Watch 3 was the past Samsung smartwatch that iPhone users could enjoy. Since then, the Galaxy Watch has been an Android-only affair.

Google Pixel Watch connected  a wrist.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

Google doesn’t look inclined to alteration that with the Pixel Watch, which has compatibility specs precise akin to the Galaxy Watch 5. In different words, the Google Pixel Watch lone works with Android phones and does not work with iPhones.

While that seems to bounds choice, it’s not wholly a atrocious thing. Whether they’re moving watchOS oregon Wear OS, modern smartwatches are designed to beryllium an hold of your smartphone, offering up notifications and handing disconnected activities betwixt the larger surface and your wearable.

That requires a heavy level of integration into the operating strategy connected your smartphone, truthful it’s not thing a third-party app tin bash astir arsenic well. Smartwatches are considerably much analyzable than AirPods oregon Pixel Buds, which, contempt their precocious features, inactive usage an industry-standard Bluetooth audio transportation nether the hood.

Google Pixel Watch with grey strap.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

Put simply, Google wants to marque definite that Pixel Watch owners tin bask the full Wear OS experience, and doing that requires Android connected the different end. While an iOS app could easy grip the Fitbit-powered wellness and fittingness features, if that’s each you privation to bash with your Pixel Watch, you tin prevention wealth by picking up a Fitbit instead.

What astir different Android devices?

The Pixel Watch is an perfect companion for a Pixel smartphone, particularly Google’s caller Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, for which it’s been designed with matching aesthetics. However, you’ll beryllium pleased to cognize that you don’t request to ain a Pixel to usage the Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch.Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends

Technically speaking, the Pixel Watch is compatible with immoderate smartphone moving Android 8.0 oregon later. This compatibility is provided done the Google Pixel Watch app connected the Play Store. However, it’s worthy keeping successful caput that you’ll apt get the champion Pixel Watch acquisition if you besides usage a Pixel phone.

That’s not unsocial to Google, either. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 besides works with immoderate Android 8.0 device, but definite features similar Samsung Pay volition lone enactment if you’ve paired it up with a Samsung smartphone. Since Google takes a much purist attack to Android, Pixel Watch volition apt person less restrictions, but there’s inactive small uncertainty that Google has designed it to enactment champion with a Pixel phone.

Google Pixel Watch connected  a wrist.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

The concession to different smartphone platforms apt has much to bash with the unfastened quality of Android. The Apple Watch lone works with the iPhone due to the fact that the iPhone is the lone instrumentality that runs iOS. With Android connected astir each different smartphone connected the market, there’s nary crushed for Google to bounds its lawsuit basal to lone its smartphones erstwhile it tin enactment a overmuch larger satellite of Android devices with minimal effort.

Android has ever been astir offering much choices, and that’s arsenic existent of the Wear OS smartwatch ecosystem. While Google’s Pixel Watch isn’t rather acceptable to instrumentality connected Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5, it’s besides conscionable the archetypal entry. It volition beryllium breathtaking to spot what Google has successful store for aboriginal versions arsenic it continues expanding its Pixel ecosystem.

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