DuckDuckGo calls out Google privacy update for ‘creepy advertising’

DuckDuckGo calls out Google privacy update for ‘creepy advertising’

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Internet privateness institution DuckDuckGo is speaking up again astir its gripes with Google and its upcoming plans to regenerate third-party cookies successful the Chrome browser with updated tracking and advertisement targeting methods.

DuckDuckGo said successful a recent blog post that contempt Google’s insistence astir its modulation to utilizing Google Topics and FLEDGE alternatively of third-party cookies to springiness you much power implicit your idiosyncratic data, the caller methods mightiness beryllium conscionable arsenic invasive, arsenic the tech institution implements it Privacy Sandbox update onto Chrome.


Google Topics collects accusation astir users’ interests straight from their Chrome browsing history. Meanwhile, FLEDGE authorizes Chrome to people ads to users based connected browsing history, supposedly successful a privacy-compliant mode and done an on-device auction.

“These caller methods alteration creepy advertizing and different contented targeting without third-party cookies,” DuckDuckGo said successful its blog post. “While Google is positioning this arsenic much privateness respecting, the elemental information is tracking, targeting, and profiling, still is tracking, targeting, and profiling, nary substance what you privation to telephone it.”

Users tin  artifact  Google Topics and FLEDGE usage  successful  Chrome done  settings.

Google appears to inactive person a precise loose definition of Privacy Sandbox, indicating that immoderate solutions volition “limit sharing of idiosyncratic information with 3rd parties and run without cross-app identifiers.”

Privacy and information were large topics astatine Google’s caller I/O developer conference, wherever the institution introduced My Ad Center, a mode of manually customizing the idiosyncratic accusation that could beryllium targeted by ads, arsenic good arsenic the advertisement topics you’ll beryllium delivered. The institution besides introduced caller protections for Google accounts and Google Search.

However, DuckDuckGo argues that particularly with Privacy Sandbox enabled, Google Topics and FLEDGE rise peculiar privateness concerns that are discriminatory, exploitative, and perchance embarrassing to Chrome users. As an example, DuckDuckGo pointed to users not seeing definite occupation listings owed to accusation successful their idiosyncratic profiles oregon users getting locked successful filter bubbles oregon echo chambers — each due to the fact that of the advertisement contented that is being targeted toward them.

It should beryllium noted that DuckDuckGo is simply a nonstop rival of Google, offering some its ain hunt motor and web browser. DuckDuckGo encourages users to see their options to either opt-out of utilizing Google Topics and FLEDGE oregon to usage an alternate browser. The DuckDuckGo browser is disposable connected iOS and Android and present also for Mac. Of course, you could besides see different web browsers specified arsenic Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, oregon Safari arsenic good — each of which connection their ain suites of privateness and information features.

As noted by TechRadar, you tin usage the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials Chrome extension, mentation 2022.4.18, which is equipped to grip issues involving Google Topics and FLEDGE interactions.

You tin besides opt retired of Google Topics and FLEDGE done Google Chrome’s settings. Access the 3 dots menu, past spell to Settings, past “Privacy and security,” past disable “Privacy Sandbox trials.”

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