Dying Light 2 DLC introduces brutal Mad Max gladiator brawls

Dying Light 2 DLC introduces brutal Mad Max gladiator brawls

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We’ve gotten a little glimpse of the archetypal Dying Light 2 DLC coming to the post-apocalyptic satellite of Villedor. The open-world game’s archetypal communicative expansion, called Bloody Ties, volition seemingly beryllium introducing a gladiatorial combat arena, wherever warriors conflict to the decease for… well, for something. We’ll seemingly beryllium uncovering retired much soon.

The teaser shows america a fewer moments of the enactment wrong an arena called Carnage Hall – Dying Light 2’s tongue-in-cheek motion to New York’s Carnegie Hall, amusingly. Through the oculus holes of a misshapen skull sitting connected the floor, we spot 2 warriors clash successful hopeless combat – earlier the larger of the 2 finds an opening and viciously hacks his hostile with an axe.

The victor strides implicit and hoists the skull, which we present spot has the divided little jawbone of a viral mutant, arsenic good arsenic a decorative acceptable of metallic bands screwed into it. The country is lit with coloured spotlights accented with adust crystal vapour, indicating that this is, indeed, a spectacle of immoderate kind.

Here’s the trailer:

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That’s each we get for the clip being. Developer Techland says there’ll beryllium a due premiere for the Bloody Ties communicative DLC during Opening Night Live astatine Gamescom August 23 astatine Gamescom.

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