Dying Light 2 DLC is delayed, now set for September

Dying Light 2 DLC is delayed, now set for September

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Some Dying Light 2 DLC has already arrived, but fans of Techland’s zombie game volition person to hold a small longer for a large communicative update, arsenic the developer has announced that the archetypal large Dying Light 2 DLC is delayed. Previously planned for merchandise successful aboriginal summer, the communicative enlargement has been pushed backmost and volition present people a September merchandise day “to conscionable your expectations by giving it the implicit highest level of polish.”

Techland has already implemented respective requested features, with a Dying Light 2 NG+ mode arriving successful April arsenic good arsenic improvements to the co-op. The developer says it inactive plans to merchandise the archetypal crippled chapter, ‘In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner,’ successful June, which volition see a enactment of contented and events. The overmuch requested photograph mode is besides owed to get adjacent month.

Lead Designer Tymon Smektała told america astatine GDC that Dying Light 2 DLC volition beryllium large and unexpected, with plans for it to beryllium astatine a akin standard to that of the archetypal game. Smektała says that, contempt overmuch speculation, “No 1 has guessed what we are hoping to do.” Following connected from this archetypal large communicative DLC, astatine slightest 1 large-scale enlargement is planned for the future.

“We apologise for the delay, but we firmly judge that our community, fans, and gamers merit to person immoderate genuinely unforgettable experiences,” Techland says successful today’s announcement.

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In the meantime, Dying Light 2’s nights are adjacent deadlier pursuing a caller patch, which besides provided a fix for the troublesome ‘deathloop’ bug. We’ve besides got the best endurance games connected PC if that’s the benignant of happening you’re into.