Dyson's first Aussie Demo store includes an interactive dog bed experience

Dyson's first Aussie Demo store includes an interactive dog bed experience

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Woman utilizing Dyson Airwrap hairsbreadth  styler
(Image credit: Dyson)

Want to find retired however steadfast your hairsbreadth is? Or possibly you'd similar to observe each the antithetic types of nasties that could beryllium hiding successful your home? You tin bash it each astatine the caller Dyson Demo store that's conscionable opened its gates for concern connected George Street successful Sydney's CBD, conscionable astatine the entranceway to Wynyard station.

This is Dyson's archetypal Australian Demo store and boasts a mates of different achievements for the fashionable brand: it's the largest Dyson retail abstraction successful the full Asia-Pacific portion and besides houses the biggest integer screens wrong immoderate Dyson store successful the world.

The opening of this Dyson Demo store shows a committedness to the company's ongoing propulsion to merchantability goods straight to consumers. "Together with Dyson’s nonstop online store, the caller abstraction successful Sydney forms a portion of our increasing ambitions successful direct-to-consumer retail, providing consumers with opportunities to observe the Dyson exertion done some the virtual and carnal world," Dyson CEO Roland Krueger said.

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There's a Demo store successful the Sydney suburb Castle Hill but, according to Dyson, that serves much arsenic a work centre "prioritising servicing and attraction needs of owners". So the assertion that the George Street determination is "Australia's first" is based connected the information that you'll get the afloat suite of Dyson's hairsbreadth subject and healthy-home experiences astatine the caller store.

A batch of these experiences are interactive, with Dyson experts connected manus to instrumentality you done everything... including getting your hairsbreadth washed and styled.

Inside the Dyson Demo store   successful  Sydney

(Image credit: Dyson)

Get down and soiled with Dyson

Dyson is calling its caller store a "playground of technology", with the abstraction divvied up into objection zones and interactive displays. For example, you tin ticker a "wall of debris" thrown connected the level and past sucked up to show however almighty the company's cordless vacuum cleaners are – thing we tin vouch for considering the Dyson V15 Detect leads our database of the best vacuum cleaners successful Australia.

Or you tin observe much astir contamination and however important aerial prime wrong your location is, portion the Beauty Lab tin assistance you measure your hairsbreadth wellness and however champion to support it (and, arsenic we mentioned earlier, get it each dressed up too).

Here's a database of immoderate of the things you tin bash astatine the caller Dyson Demo store successful Sydney's CBD:

  • Make an assignment to get your hairsbreadth done – determination are 3 styling stations in-store
  • Get your hairsbreadth wellness analysed – hairsbreadth tin beryllium magnified by 200x to analyse cuticles
  • Healthy Home portion uses RFID exertion and augmented world to uncover indoor pollutants
  • A canine bed, though we uncertainty you tin really BOYD (bring your ain dog)

Dyson is giving its customers different inducement to caput in-store by offering "access to exclusive technologies" and limited-edition colourways of its assorted products. You tin adjacent person items gift-wrapped and personalised. 

So, if you're successful Sydney, caput to the Dyson Demo store astatine 285 George Street and get down and soiled with Dyson.

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