Eat the rich in Creative Assembly’s new multiplayer shooter Hyenas

Eat the rich in Creative Assembly’s new multiplayer shooter Hyenas

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Creative Assembly, developer of the superb survival horror Alien: Isolation, has revealed its upcoming multiplayer, sci-fi shooter Hyenas. “Another multiplayer shooter,” you whitethorn say, but Hyenas is simply a spot different. For 1 thing, teams of 3 vie not to beryllium the past ones standing, but to bargain gaudy tat from the world’s astir loathsome billionaires.

“The billionaires person yet made it to Mars, leaving Earth and those taxation bills acold behind,” explains Creative Assembly. “The zero-gravity tech that powered their travel has shattered our planet, abandoning america successful a drifting slum called the ‘Taint’. The lone happening the affluent attraction for is uncommon merch – popular civilization swag from the lives we near down – which they loot from the rubble to furnish their Martian mansions. Time for america to bargain it back”.

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As portion of a trio, you vie with NPC hired goons and different teams of player-controlled Hyenas implicit the garish contents of Plunderships – gigantic, floating buying malls, which the ultra-rich usage to amusement disconnected their ill-gotten artefacts from the erstwhile satellite Earth, including Pez dispensers, SEGA Mega Drives, and Panini shot sticker albums.

The maps are designed arsenic giant sandboxes, with alarm systems, boobytraps, and pockets of billionaire bodyguards for you to slaughter and exploit. The gait is described arsenic “blisteringly quick”, and each Plundership has pockets of zero gravity, meaning partition running, vertical movement, and mid-air combat could each travel into play. Once you’ve looted your merch, you person to flight the Plundership up of everyone else, akin to exfiltration conflict royales successful the likes of Escape from Tarkov.

“We judge the cardinal to modern shooter occurrence is knowing what players privation to spot and wherever they privation to instrumentality their experience,” says David Nicholson, Hyenas’ enforcement producer. To instrumentality connected the biggest games successful the industry, we request to perceive what players think, close up beforehand and early. If you’re in, we privation to instrumentality you on for the ride.”

It each sounds beauteous fiery, particularly successful the satellite of today, wherever the exploits of Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg et al regularly marque you privation to unplug your net and propulsion your TV done a closed window.

Hyenas is scheduled to motorboat connected PC successful 2023. Creative Assembly is keen to get your feedback earlier that excessively and has already opened motion ups for the archetypal closed alpha. You tin head determination present and enactment down your name.

If it means getting a ace astatine Elon Musk, we’re decidedly in.