Elden Ring co-op mode is on the way for PC players and I'm not jealous at all

Elden Ring co-op mode is on the way for PC players and I'm not jealous at all

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Cinematic changeable  of a subordinate    connected  equine  charging a mounted force  successful  Elden Ring
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Elden Ring PC players are getting spoiled with a mod that allows for a afloat co-op experience. You'll beryllium capable to footwear up the crippled and play with a person from the tutorial close up until the credits roll. 

The Elden Ring mod hasn't released conscionable yet, though. The astir we've seen are a mates of videos posted to creator LukeYui's YouTube channel. But fixed that he's antecedently knocked unneurotic a Sekiro co-op mod, it'll lone beryllium a substance of clip earlier PC players tin get their hands connected it.

PS5 and Xbox Series X players meantime are stuck with the vanilla crippled that has zero mod support. And arsenic idiosyncratic who is connected a antithetic level of beingness to players similar Let Me Solo Her erstwhile it comes to accomplishment level, I americium precise jealous. Summons conscionable don't chopped the mustard.

Elden Ring co-op mod features

LukeYui uploaded a archetypal look astatine the enactment successful advancement mod earlier this period successful a lengthy 17 infinitesimal video. The shorter 7 infinitesimal video supra was uploaded this week and showcases immoderate of the caller features that person been added since. Given that Elden Ring – and FromSoft games successful wide – are each astir the slog and difficulty, purists volition beryllium blessed to spot that if you dice successful a brag fight, you can't conscionable driblet backmost successful immediately.

Instead, you'll participate spectator mode until the brag oregon the remaining players die. LukeYui says this "lets bosses support their situation portion allowing you to enactment unneurotic successful a multiplayer session."

There are penalties for dying, truthful you can't conscionable thrust your friends' coattails done the game, dying willy-nilly. A stackable debuff called Rot Essence kicks successful erstwhile you die, but sitting astatine a bonfire volition purge it.

He expands connected the debuff successful the video comments, explaining that "the Rot Essence is to marque up for the information that, erstwhile you die, you volition respawn and get the satellite accusation from the subordinate who is inactive alive. 

"This means that, successful theory, if astatine slightest 1 subordinate is live astatine each times the enemies volition ne'er respawn and the satellite volition ne'er reset. It's determination to promote players to remainder astatine sites of Grace to reset the satellite truthful that having respawning players successful co-op doesn't wholly trivialize the game's challenge."

There's besides force scaling, and synced representation waypoints for improved connection erstwhile it comes to picking a determination to explore. On that note, players tin accelerated question unneurotic aft a unanimous ballot to warp elsewhere. 

The mod should enactment up to 4 players, and everyone tin thrust their ain Torrent.

Cinematic changeable  of subordinate    sitting astatine  bonfire nether  the stars successful  Elden Ring

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Elden Ring co-op mod: merchandise date

LukeYui hasn't fixed a merchandise day oregon model for the Elden Ring co-op mod yet. He says he's being "purposefully vague" successful lawsuit an update throws a spanner successful the works. This happened with Elden Ring's latest 1.04 update which caused immoderate setbacks.

"I don't privation to get blindsided by a important bug and extremity up missing a projected merchandise date. I've inactive got a just magnitude of enactment to bash successful presumption of stableness and bug fixes. I'll support everyone updated here, and erstwhile thing playable is acceptable I'll fto you cognize ASAP."

So support an oculus connected his YouTube transmission and Nexus Mods page.

Will the Elden Ring co-op mod get you banned?

In short, no. You'll beryllium fine. But determination are a mates of stipulations, similar the information you won't beryllium capable to transportation implicit your characters from the mod to the vanilla mentation of Elden Ring. LukeYui explains:

"When utilizing this mod you aren't moving EAC [easy anti-cheat], and you're besides not connected to FromSoftware's matchmaking servers. This mod besides has isolated prevention files, truthful you can't bring characters implicit from this mod to vanilla servers. These points mean you can't get banned from utilizing this mod. 

"You tin usage immoderate different mods you similar with this one, truthful agelong arsenic they don't interfere with the multiplayer facet of the game. As mentioned supra arsenic good mods volition enactment but everyone successful the enactment indispensable person them installed for everyone to usage them."

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