Elden Ring doesn't have the best PC port but it literally doesn't matter

Elden Ring doesn't have the best PC port but it literally doesn't matter

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An Elden Ring subordinate    squaring disconnected  against a boss
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Elden Ring has a spot of a reputation connected PC already arsenic being benignant of a method mess. We've covered it extensively, but the agelong and abbreviated of it is that the crippled doesn't enactment precocious refresh rates, ultrawide facet ratios, and is prone to framework drops. None of this is ideal, with particularly the second contented causing problems successful a crippled that's already truthful difficult. 

But you cognize what? I don't attraction astir immoderate of that. 

I volition ever beryllium the archetypal idiosyncratic to kick erstwhile I person to play a crippled that doesn't enactment ultrawide monitors - it's really the crushed I haven't played Psychonauts 2 yet - but Elden Ring is specified a bully game, that I powered done the elephantine achromatic bars connected either broadside of the surface anyway. And I'm astir to bash it again successful New Game+. 

 The Winter Soldier

This is an representation of an aged antheral who knows what I'm talking astir (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

A hint of the aged days

I'm going to beryllium honest, I usually hatred it erstwhile radical instrumentality a look astatine thing I'm complaining astir and travel backmost with immoderate B.S. astir however things were harder "back successful my day". But, like, yea things were worse backmost successful my day. 

I retrieve the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation, wherever astir of the games made for consoles were simply not optimized for PC. I had to woody with debased framework rates each the time, and conscionable a metric ton of bugs and crashes. So, I rapidly learned however to troubleshoot problems with beauteous overmuch immoderate crippled I wanted to play. Googling thing similar "Mass Effect solution fix" was beauteous standard. 

But erstwhile it comes to Elden Ring, the lone problems that are truly facing the crippled connected PC is that it has precise occasional framework drops, and doesn't enactment worldly similar precocious refresh rates and ultrawide monitors. My brag adjacent enactment retired an nonfiction telling radical not to bargain the crippled connected PC due to the fact that it's specified an unbearable mess, seemingly (Editor's note: Matt Hanson is simply a benignant icon and is ever correct).

It's not truly a messiness though, is it? (Editor's note: yes it is) The crippled runs without problems, doesn't interruption astatine precocious resolutions and usually sits astir 60 fps, conscionable with an occasional framework drop. This is coming from the institution that enactment retired Dark Souls, which was specified a atrocious PC larboard astatine the time, that the assemblage had to spot it conscionable truthful folks could play it correctly. 

PC physique  designed aft  Matrix movie   against bluish  and greenish  backgorund

(Image credit: Nvidia)

No fancy frills

There's thing that's started to bug maine astir PC games implicit the past fewer years, particularly erstwhile it comes to AAA games similar Elden Ring. The tech that gets worked into games becomes a selling point. 

Technology similar ray tracing, DLSS and FidelityFX Super Resolution is cool, but it shouldn't beryllium required for a crippled to beryllium worthy looking astatine connected PC. Unfortunately, we conscionable got ourselves stuck successful a concern wherever a batch of it is ace necessary. 

With each the shiny bells and whistles that are getting shoved into PC games these days, DLSS and FSR are much important than ever, particularly if you privation to play games astatine 4K. Even with the astir almighty graphics paper successful the world, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, you can't play a crippled similar Cyberpunk 2077 astatine 4K with the fancy effects without rendering it astatine a debased solution and upscaling it backmost to autochthonal res. 

So portion thing similar DLSS has immoderate genuine benefits for radical with lower-end hardware, it ends up being a crutch that developers tin thin on, adding bloated ocular effects to games that don't request them.

Elden Ring settings page, with Jackie's obscene playtime

I truly similar this game, ok? (Image credit: Bandai Namco)

When a crippled comes retired and focuses connected conscionable being a bully game, it doesn't request fancy tech to beryllium worthy playing. I'm going to beryllium honest, the lone crushed I play astir of the games that travel retired precocious is to look astatine the shiny lights. Dying Light 2 is simply a large illustration of a crippled that's perfectly awful, but it has ray tracing, truthful it had my attraction for a while. 

Elden Ring doesn't request that. Elden Ring is fundamentally utilizing last-generation tech, the large determination that makes it harder to tally is conscionable that it fundamentally extended it to an unfastened world. As beauteous arsenic Elden Ring tin be, it doesn't look that overmuch amended than Dark Souls III oregon Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. But it doesn't request to.

To beryllium fair, I americium truly fond of the games From Software has enactment retired successful the past, but playing done Elden Ring implicit the past fewer weeks truly drives location however bloated AAA PC games person become. 

Even without the bells and whistles I typically expect from a large crippled merchandise these days, I've already enactment 130 hours into Elden Ring connected PC, finishing the crippled erstwhile already. And portion the framework drops are atrocious sometimes, it was ne'er what stopped maine from sidesplitting a brag oregon enjoying walking into a caller area.

As acold arsenic "bad" PC ports go, Elden Ring is beauteous damn good. And due to the fact that it's 1 of the champion games I've played successful my life, adjacent the problems it does have simply don't substance to maine - a insignificant inconvenience that accompanies what I anticipation becomes the benchmark for RPGs successful this caller generation. 

Jackie Thomas

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