Elden Ring enemy randomizer mod looks like pure chaos

Elden Ring enemy randomizer mod looks like pure chaos

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An Elden Ring force randomizer mod is successful the works that randomly changes the determination and spot of each enemies successful the RPG game, truthful it’ll be possible to caput into the combat with Margit and face someone similar Malenia oregon Starscourge Radahn instead.

There are galore fantastic game randomizer mods connected PC already but the astir terrifying person to beryllium the ones for FromSoftware games similar Dark Souls and Sekiro, seeing arsenic adjacent the astir basal enemies are already susceptible of sidesplitting the subordinate successful a fewer hits.

Well, there’s 1 successful the works for Elden Ring now, courtesy of modder Matt ‘thefifthmatt’ Gruen. He’s the creator of the Elden Ring point randomizer mod, which changes the determination of each azygous point successful the crippled – everything from items successful the satellite to important force drops. That was chaotic capable already, but the modder confirmed helium was besides moving connected a combined force and point randomizer mod too. Now Gruen’s released the archetypal look astatine a randomized Elden Ring brag encounter, and it’s conscionable arsenic scary arsenic you mightiness expect.

You tin cheque it retired below. Minor spoilers for 1 of the game’s astir celebrated bosses, but it inactive comes arsenic a astonishment watching the subordinate spell done the mist partition to look Margit… and conscionable that guy instead.

Elden Ring combined force and point randomizer soon™
(video contains mid-game brag spoilers) pic.twitter.com/Ff55zMe4VL

— Matt Gruen (@thefifthmatt) April 23, 2022

Sadly, there’s nary connection yet connected erstwhile we tin expect the Elden Ring force and point randomizer mod to appear. There is also a VR mod and a co-op mod coming, but likewise, we don’t cognize erstwhile they’ll appear.

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