Elden Ring is so easy you can play Minesweeper while fighting bosses

Elden Ring is so easy you can play Minesweeper while fighting bosses

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Elden Ring bosses
(Image credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

An Elden Ring subordinate has managed to decision 1 of the game’s bosses without taking a deed portion simultaneously completing a crippled of Minesweeper, conscionable to beryllium however overpowered the enactment RPG’s summoning strategy tin become.

Elden Ring’s summons person go somewhat contentious since the crippled released. As with Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, you’re capable to summon affable NPCs to combat by your side, calling connected the spirits of fallen warriors to springiness you an borderline implicit the game’s toughest enemies and bosses. While the crippled encourages you to usage summons liberally, a tiny conception of the Elden Ring assemblage continues to disparage the mechanic, seeing it arsenic cheapening the game’s prize.

Reddit idiosyncratic D-ISM has gone to large lengths to amusement conscionable however overpowered those summons tin become. Squaring disconnected against optional brag Putrid Grave Warden Duelist, they summon the tone of Ogha, the Redmane Knight, promptly presumption themselves successful a t-pose connected the broadside of the arena, and beryllium backmost portion their knightly companion does each the work.

To thrust the constituent home, D-ISM adjacent brings up a crippled of Minesweeper during the fight, completing it successful a reasonably deft 78 seconds - the accusation being it’s harder to get done a lucifer of the desktop classical than it is to bushed a brag successful Elden Ring erstwhile you’ve got summons by your side. They besides person a whack astatine Microsoft's Pinball and Solitaire, but aren't arsenic palmy with those.

Ogha is simply a peculiarly almighty tone successful Elden Ring who's capable to combat successful some close-combat and astatine ranged. As the Redditor’s video shows, they besides person a almighty knockdown onslaught that stuns enemies, trapping them successful an inescapable loop of arrow fire.

If you were to lone ticker this video, you’d get the content that Elden Ring is simply a locomotion successful the park. You'd besides spot that it's beauteous comic to ticker a subordinate ace retired Minesweeper portion a putrid, ax-carrying mound of soma struggles to complaint toward them.

turning_on_elden_rings_autopilot_feature from r/Eldenring

Analysis: is Elden Ring truly easy?

D-ISM’s video doesn’t archer the afloat story. While Elden Ring summons mightiness consciousness similar cheating, they’re cautiously designed to supplement alternatively than antagonistic the game’s punishing difficulty. There’s much to Elden Ring than conscionable dodging and parrying your mode to boss-beating victory, and you’re expected to usage its panoply of tools and magic to flooded the enemies festering wrong the Lands Between.

Summons aren’t aureate tickets, either. As D-ISM points out, Ogha’s almighty knockdown onslaught is lone effectual against tiny enemies, truthful won’t bash you overmuch bully against bigger Elden Ring bosses. Plus, the tone has a caput of its ain and volition thin to rotation disconnected successful hunt of different battles if the enemies you’re presently facing don't conscionable its interests.

So, don’t spell reasoning Elden Ring is simply a full portion of cake. You mightiness beryllium capable to person a mates of hurried games of Minesweeper connected occasion, but we reckon the words “You Died” volition inactive beryllium appearing connected your surface beauteous often.

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