Elon Musk buys Twitter

Elon Musk buys Twitter

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Elon Musk and Twitter
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You don't adjacent request 280 characters to present this momentous news: Elon Musk conscionable bought Twitter.

The Tesla CEO and SpaceX laminitis has been circling the fashionable societal media level for weeks, utilizing Twitter itself arsenic a mean to denote some his intentions and ongoing frustrations with the level successful its existent form.

Now, aft lining up the funds (his ain and hefty enactment from Morgan Stanley) Musk volition wage $43.4 cardinal -- astir $54.20 per stock -- successful a tender connection that gives him power of the company. The woody present faces regulatory approval.

With Twitter's net study conscionable days away, it's apt the caller proprietor volition amusement up during the company's Q1 net telephone - astatine slightest conscionable to accidental "hi," and demurely refuses to reply astir analysts' questions directly.

In a merchandise connected the acquisition, Musk said, "Free code is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the integer municipality quadrate wherever matters captious to the aboriginal of humanity are debated.

"I besides privation to marque Twitter amended than ever by enhancing the merchandise with caller features, making the algorithms unfastened root to summation trust, defeating the spam bots, and authenticating each humans. Twitter has tremendous imaginable – I look guardant to moving with the institution and the assemblage of users to unlock it."

I anticipation that adjacent my worst critics stay connected Twitter, due to the fact that that is what escaped code meansApril 25, 2022

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Musk's triumph comes aft a circuitous way to ownership: First he bought astir 10% of Twitter shares, giving him a spot astatine the array and inviting him to the board. Musk accepted and past conscionable arsenic rapidly backed out. But helium wasn't finished. Soon, helium was offering $43 cardinal for the company, which prompted Twitter's committee to follow a poison-pill plan that would person sold cheaper shares to shareholders had Musk sought to acquisition much than 15% of the company's shares.

Soon after, Musk, who has been connected the level since 2009, returned to a tender offer, which meant he'd request to propulsion unneurotic each the wealth to bargain the company. As of past week, Musk secured the funds, and implicit the weekend, Musk and Twitter's enforcement squad met successful idiosyncratic to hammer retired the details.

A bumpy road

Not everyone is thrilled astatine the imaginable of a Musk-owned Twitter. In the run-up to the announcement, #RIPTwitter was trending connected the platform.

As for what comes next, Musk has made wide his intentions to guarantee that Twitter supports escaped code from each sides (the accusation being that it presently does not, though determination is nary empirical grounds to enactment this).

He whitethorn revisit immoderate idiosyncratic bans, including that of erstwhile President Trump.

He'll apt open-source Twitter's code.

A instrumentality of blockchain and NFTs, Musk mightiness propulsion the level much aggressively into the crypto space.

But investors and backers volition beryllium astir funny successful Musk's maturation plan. Twitter has done a decent occupation of generating much gross from existing users, but its maturation has successful caller years been comparatively dilatory and flat. It's not wide that Twitter could ever person the broad-based, planetary entreaty of, accidental Facebook (which has its ain maturation struggles) oregon TikTok.

It's unclear what Musk tin bash to reenergize immoderate of Twitter's biggest personage accounts.

Musk volition astir apt fast-track the already-under-development Tweet Edits feature, since helium made it wide during the acquisition effort that he's a fan.

What volition Elon do?

What happens adjacent depends connected Elon Musk, oregon alternatively the Elon Musk who shows up to tally Twitter. Will it beryllium the brilliant, definite manus that, done SpaceX, regularly ferries astronauts and supplies to the International Space Station? The antheral who fundamentally created the EV marketplace with Tesla? 


It mightiness besides beryllium the antheral who impulsively tweets his interior ID and EGO. Who jokes that "The adjacent Twitter committee meet's gonna beryllium lit," with a representation of him smoking a associated connected Joe Rogan's podcast.

There sometimes seems to beryllium small mediate crushed for Musk, who is some highly palmy and affluent and highly impulsive and emotional.

The fearfulness that Musk volition fto the worst constituent backmost connected Twitter -- Nazis, trolls, anti-vaxxers, Donald Trump, and truthful connected -- is real. A free-speech absolutist mightiness request ALL voices beryllium heard, adjacent the unsafe ones.

Still, Musk doesn't genuinely cognize the interior workings of Twitter's extended (and inactive flawed) contented moderation system. He soon will. That whitethorn animate immoderate antithetic and much rational reasoning astir however to excite and energize Twitter for the aboriginal portion protecting the astir susceptible who inactive usage it each day.

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