Ensign unveils cybersecurity employment scheme for individuals with autism

Ensign unveils cybersecurity employment scheme for individuals with autism

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Ensign InfoSecurity has inked a concern with Singapore's Autism Resource Centre (ARC) to rotation retired an employment strategy designed for individuals connected the spectrum. The programme, which has led to 3 hires, caters to these professionals' circumstantial cognitive strengths, specified arsenic pattern-recognising skills and the quality to grasp spatial concepts.

The collaboration aimed to make vocation opportunities by identifying and grooming suitable individuals for the industry, said the cybersecurity vendor successful a connection Friday. 

Established successful 2000, ARC is simply a not-for-profit foundation that focuses connected supporting children and adults connected the autism spectrum. It provides assorted services specified arsenic an aboriginal involution programme arsenic good arsenic operates autism-focused Pathlight School, 2 societal enterprises, and Employability & Employment Centre. 

It worked with Ensign to plan the employment programme for neurodiverse professionals with cognitive strengths, including analytical, 3D visualisation, and extended absorption capabilities. Such skills made these individuals a "natural fit" for cybersecurity roles, said Ensign, which is simply a wholly-owned subsidiary of section telco StarHub and state-owned concern steadfast Temasek Holdings. 

Three hires already had undergone a grooming program that encompassed IT basics, networking, and cybersecurity fundamentals. In addition, these individuals received specialised grooming that included operations managed by Security Operations Centre (SOC) and were taught however to grip onslaught vectors.  

Ensign has employed these individuals arsenic SOC analysts, 1 of whom is subordinate SOC expert Daryl Loh. Expressing his enactment for the programme, Loh said present was capable to show and analyse information threats, arsenic good arsenic counsel his clients erstwhile applicable alerts surfaced.

Ensign said it was targeting to prosecute up to 16 neurodiverse individuals a year, moving the grooming programme up to 4 times annually. 

The information vendor added that it hoped to person specified employees relationship for 2% to 3% of its full workforce. It besides rolled retired an "structured" strategy crossed its organisation to assistance these individuals acclimatise and integrate with their colleagues. 

ARC's enforcement manager Jacelyn Lim said: "We anticipation this [programme] whitethorn go a blueprint for companies successful the exertion and cybersecurity sectors to harness the imaginable of these individuals successful employment."

Ensign's CIO and enforcement vice president of managed information services Steven Ng said: "We are assured our neurodiverse employees volition present caller reasoning and caller ideas to assistance america germinate our strategies, services, and solutions. We are besides elevating our capabilities by hiring mid-career professionals from different industries and encouraging much pistillate cyber talents to articulation the sector. This is portion of our strategy to guarantee we person the capabilities to perpetually innovate and enactment up of emerging cyber threats.