Evan Rachel Wood is Madonna in Weird Al Yankovic biopic

Evan Rachel Wood is Madonna in Weird Al Yankovic biopic

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In February, The Roku Channel shared the archetypal representation of erstwhile Harry Potter prima Daniel Radcliffe arsenic Weird Al Yankovic from the upcoming biopic, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. But it turns retired that Radcliffe won’t beryllium the lone acquainted look playing 1 of the top euphony icons. Today, The Roku Channel revealed that Westworld prima Evan Rachel Wood has joined the movie arsenic Madonna!

The representation beneath was shared connected The Roku Channel’s official Instagram account, and it features Wood successful costume arsenic the Material Girl herself. Madonna was 1 of the archetypal singers to interruption retired successful the aboriginal days of MTV, and she created her ain euphony bequest that has present been a portion of 4 decades.

 The Al Yankovic Story.

As acold arsenic we know, Madonna hasn’t had excessively overmuch enactment with the existent Weird Al. But helium did parody her song, Like a Virgin, and crook it into his ain take: Like a Surgeon. That’s acold from an uncommon occurrence with Weird Al.  He’s made a precise bully vocation retired of satirizing the songs of different artists.

The Roku Channel promises that the movie volition “hold thing backmost and research each facet of his life, from his puerility done his meteoric emergence to fame with aboriginal hits similar Eat It and Like a Surgeon, portion touching connected his torrid personage emotion affairs and famously depraved lifestyle.” Although we’re reasonably definite they’re kidding astir the emotion affairs and “depraved lifestyle.”

Weird Al is taking an progressive relation successful this task arsenic the co-writer of the publication with the film’s director, Eric Appel. Both Weird Al and Appel are besides producing the movie for The Roku Channel.

A merchandise day for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story has not yet been set. But accumulation began past period successful Los Angeles.

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