Even with lower prices, you shouldn’t buy a GPU right now

Even with lower prices, you shouldn’t buy a GPU right now

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In February, graphics paper prices dropped by an mean of 11%. It’s a important affirmative question successful the midst of GPU shortage, which has locked PC builders retired of buying a graphics paper for much than a twelvemonth and a half. Don’t beryllium tempted, though. Now is the worst clip to bargain a graphics card.

The thought of waiting a small longer isn’t appealing astatine a clip erstwhile waiting is each astir PC gamers person done. Waiting until the mediate of the twelvemonth volition wage off, though — you’ll get a amended graphics card astatine a cheaper price, and it’s hard to reason with that.

Prices are dropping

Listings for the RTX 3080 connected  eBay.

The main crushed to hold is that prices are dropping. We person immoderate factual grounds present and immoderate speculation. Between January and February 2022, graphics paper prices dropped by an mean of 11%. Some cards had adjacent higher terms reductions — the RTX 3070 Ti dropped by implicit 15%.

We’ve seen an ebb and travel of prices during the GPU shortage, but ne'er specified a stark inclination downward. And ne'er crossed fundamentally each viable enactment for gaming. That’s the hard evidence. On apical of that, leakers constituent to adjacent much important drops successful the months ahead.

Well-known leaker Greymon55 says that “GPU prices are going to driblet dramatically” successful March. German outfit 3DCenter also charted prices for past month, showing prices nearing levels from January 2021.

It looks similar GPU prices are going to driblet dramatically adjacent month. I anticipation that's true.👀

— Greymon55 (@greymon55) February 20, 2022

The GPU shortage has to extremity astatine immoderate point, and each signs are pointing to that happening soon. You tin bargain a graphics paper close now, but it’s astir guaranteed that determination volition beryllium a amended woody a fewer months down the road. You whitethorn not get a paper astatine database price, but we expect cards to beryllium overmuch person to that successful the coming months.

New generations are connected the way

The AMD RX 6500 XT stacked up   against different   graphics cards.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Prices are dropping, which is partially due to the fact that of a bolstered proviso chain and partially due to the fact that of interest. Ethereum prices are down from their highest successful the mediate of 2021, and that has been a reasonably accordant indicator of GPU prices. Beyond a drop, though, AMD and Nvidia person caller generations of graphics cards coming.

Out of each the cards that dropped successful terms past month, previous-generation options fell the most. That’s a bully motion for AMD RX 6000 and Nvidia RTX 30 bid graphics cards. We presently expect AMD’s RX 7000 graphics cards to motorboat successful the 2nd fractional of 2022. That could beryllium Computex 2022, but it could beryllium later.

For Nvidia, we person a bully thought astir erstwhile RTX 40-series graphics cards volition arrive. Nvidia has released caller generations each 2 years successful either September oregon October for the past respective generations. Leakers constituent to October, but the specifics don’t substance close now. We’ll apt spot these cards successful the fall.

A render of an Intel Arc Alchemist graphics card.Image credit: Wccftech

Before either of those arrive, Intel is acceptable to release its Arc Alchemist GPUs and the institution is promising accrued supply. Even if prices enactment high, caller graphics cards volition propulsion down the terms of previous-generation options. It’s not a atrocious thought to store last-gen, but it’s a unspeakable thought to bash truthful close earlier a caller generation.

Writing connected the wall

An RTX graphics paper  lit by PC fans.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

With caller graphics paper generations connected the mode and a wide diminution successful prices, present is the worst clip to bargain a graphics card. If you request much convincing, look nary further than Nvidia’s 12GB RTX 3080 and Best Buy’s egregious $200 paywall for GPUs. Prices are getting backmost to normal, and retailers and manufacturers are already trying to get up of that.

There’s nary crushed you can’t get up of that, either. It whitethorn beryllium a mates of months, oregon it mightiness not beryllium until the 2nd fractional of the year. One happening is for sure, though: A small much patience volition wage disconnected big-time.

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