Everything announced at New York Comic Con 2022

Everything announced at New York Comic Con 2022

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It’s a misconception that the popular civilization satellite goes strictly done San Diego Comic-Con. Over the past 2 decades, New York Comic Con has emerged arsenic 1 of the fewer conventions than tin genuinely rival Comic-Con’s scope and attendance.

And portion this year’s NYCC didn’t person rather the star-studded impermanent database that SDCC had, determination were much than capable announcements and trailer reveals to support america busy. To marque things easier for you, we’ve enactment unneurotic the champion ones close here.


Wednesday Addams | Official Trailer | Netflix

From 1 Wednesday to another, it’s clip to walk the torch. We’ve known for months present that The Addams Family histrion Christina Ricci volition look other her Wednesday Addams successor, Jenna Ortega, successful Tim Burton’s upcoming Netflix archetypal bid Wednesday. In the recently released NYCC trailer, fans learned that Ricci’s quality is Marylin Thornhill, 1 of the employees of Nevermore Academy who welcomes Wednesday to the school.

The different large uncover from the trailer is that Fred Armisen is portraying Wednesday’s favourite uncle, Fester. Unlike earlier previews, the trailer besides offers immoderate hints astatine the supernatural dangers awaiting Wednesday astatine Nevermore. Decades earlier, Gomez (Luis Guzmán) and Morticia Addams (Catherine Zeta-Jones) were entangled successful a execution enigma during their clip astatine the school. And it present falls connected Wednesday to lick that puzzle erstwhile her eponymous bid debuts on Wednesday, November 23.

Star Trek: Picard

The unit of Star Trek: The Next Generation lone got 4 adventures connected the large surface earlier disbanding 2 decades ago. But the 3rd and last play of Star Trek: Picard whitethorn springiness them a much fitting sendoff. This season, Patrick Stewart volition beryllium reunited with Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, and Gates McFadden. But Brent Spiner won’t beryllium missing retired connected the amusive contempt Data’s decease successful Star Trek: Nemesis and his last deactivation successful the archetypal play of Picard. As revealed successful the trailer, Data’s evil brother, Lore, has returned.

Amanda Plummer’s Vadic is the superior villain for the season, and she seems to person a precise idiosyncratic grudge against Picard and everyone helium loves. However, the existent chaotic paper is Professor James Moriarty. Or rather, the machine simulation of Sherlock Holmes’ top foe, erstwhile again played by Daniel Davis aft 2 impermanent appearances successful TNG. Picard and the unit fooled Moriarty into believing helium had won his state decades ago. But Moriarty whitethorn not beryllium precise forgiving erstwhile helium comes crossed them again. The caller play begins connected Paramount+ connected February 16, 2023.

Star Trek: Discovery

Technically, Star Trek: Discovery is the flagship bid of the franchise, since it’s the amusement that yet precocious the timeline adjacent farther into the future. There’s not overmuch to spell connected from this teaser trailer, but Captain Michael Burnham and her unit person been tasked to question retired the top treasure successful the galaxy. New additions to the formed see Callum Keith Rennie arsenic a Starfleet serviceman named Rayner, portion Elias Toufexis and Eve Harlow volition play a brace of outlaws, L’ak and Moll, respectively. Season 5 volition get successful 2023 connected Paramount+, presumably aft Picard has finished its run.

Star Trek: Prodigy

For younger fans, caller episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy instrumentality to Paramount+ connected October 27. This animated bid focuses connected a radical of alien kids who bargain the abandoned U.S.S. Protostar and go enamored with the ways of the Federation. As seen successful the trailer, their dreams of joining Starfleet are dashed erstwhile they’re pursued by Vice Admiral Janeway, the erstwhile skipper of the Voyager and the idiosyncratic whose A.I. recreation has been guiding the Protostar crew. It was besides announced astatine NYCC that Ronny Cox is reprising his TNG relation arsenic Admiral Jellico.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

There’s lone 1 occurrence near successful the archetypal play of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. But if you’re expecting a batch of caller footage successful this play finale trailer, past you’re bound for disappointment. Most of these clips travel from episodes that person already premiered connected Amazon Prime Video. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for the play finale this Friday, October 14. The 2nd play precocious began filming, truthful we whitethorn person to hold until 2024 to spot what comes aft that.

Doctor Who

On October 23, Jodie Whittaker’s clip arsenic the 13th Doctor is up. Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor is bringing backmost respective of the Doctor’s top adversaries for Whittaker’s sendoff, including the Master (Sacha Dhawan) and the Daleks. This peculiar occurrence volition besides people the departure of Mandip Gill’s Yas, arsenic good arsenic the impermanent appearances of Janet Fielding and Sophie Aldred arsenic Tegan and Ace, 2 of the Doctor’s companions from the archetypal series.

The Walking Dead

As The Walking Dead lurches towards its bid finale connected November 20, fans astatine NYCC were treated to the opening scenes of tonight’s episode. In this clip, we concisely spot the past of Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon connected the amusement earlier catching up to him successful the contiguous arsenic helium puts his weapon to the pharynx of Sebastian Milton (Teo Rapp-Olsson). But if Daryl kills this jerk, it means warfare with the Commonwealth and the decease of his friends.

During the Walking Dead panel, formed members Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased their upcoming spinoff series, The Walking Dead: Dead City. Within that miniseries, Maggie (Cohan) and Negan (Morgan) task into New York City, which has been chopped disconnected since the zombie apocalypse began. That amusement volition premiere successful April 2023, portion a abstracted spinoff pursuing Reedus’ Daryl dropping aboriginal successful the year.

The Wheel of Time

Prime Video’s different epic phantasy series, The Wheel of Time, didn’t beryllium retired this year’s NYCC. But bully luck trying to marque consciousness of this preview for the 2nd season. Fans of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time novels volition person an vantage implicit those who lone watched the show. But the accusation is that the conflict with the Dark One is acold from over. No day for play 2 was given, but a 3rd play renewal is present official.

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