Everything we know about Breath of the Wild 2

Everything we know about Breath of the Wild 2

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When Nintendo released the teaser trailer for Breath of the Wild 2 respective years ago, it unleashed a whirlwind of rumors and speculation astir a sequel to the best Zelda game. As the particulate started to settle, a fewer things were made wide — but overmuch remained up successful the air. Nintendo is notoriously scarce with accusation regarding first-party titles, and that holds existent for this much-anticipated sequel.

Thankfully, Nintendo gave america a person look astatine The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 during E3 2021. Eagle-eyed viewers person been capable to portion unneurotic a batch of the clues seen successful the announcement trailer, and the latest gameplay uncover has plentifulness of different hidden secrets for america to decode. Plus, we’ve heard a fewer things straight from the legendary crippled decorator Eiji Aonuma, which has lone added substance to the fire.

From playable characters and returning enemies to the merchandise day and storyline, here’s everything we cognize — and don’t cognize — astir the forthcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild.

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Release date

Breath of the Wild 2 was acceptable for a 2022 merchandise during Nintendo’s E3 2021 keynote, but arsenic of March 2022, bid shaper Eiji Aonuma announced that the crippled would beryllium delayed until 2023. His connection connected the substance was, “For those of you who person been looking guardant to a merchandise this year, we apologize. As antecedently announced, the escapade successful this sequel volition instrumentality spot not conscionable connected the crushed arsenic successful the erstwhile game, but besides successful the skies above. However, the expanded satellite goes beyond that, and determination volition beryllium an adjacent wider assortment of features you tin enjoy, including caller encounters and gameplay elements. In bid to marque this game’s acquisition thing special, the full improvement squad is continuing to enactment diligently connected this game, truthful delight hold a portion longer.”

Link gliding done  the clouds.


Breath of the Wild 2 volition lone beryllium disposable connected Nintendo Switch. Nintendo isn’t keen connected porting its high-performing first-party titles to different consoles, and we don’t expect that inclination to alteration erstwhile Breath of the Wild 2 is yet released.

And contempt the motorboat of the Switch OLED model, rumors proceed to swirl astir a imaginable Switch Pro Console — and it’ll beryllium absorbing to spot if Breath of the Wild 2 coincides with the motorboat connected a “next-gen” Switch. With the latest Hyrule Warriors pushing the strategy to its limits, there’s nary uncertainty Breath of the Wild 2 could payment from immoderate upgraded hardware.


Nintendo has released 2 trailers for Breath of the Wild 2 — a little uncover trailer and a abbreviated gameplay trailer announced during E3.

The gameplay trailer is peculiarly interesting, arsenic it shows a assortment of caller mechanics, including immoderate that look to beryllium borrowed from Skyward Sword.


While there’s a batch we don’t cognize astir BOTW2‘s gameplay, we’re beauteous assured that players volition beryllium returning to the Hyrule seen successful the archetypal Breath of the Wild. Eiji Aonuma, the shaper of Breath of the Wild and its upcoming sequel, said that helium would emotion to sojourn the satellite again and present caller gameplay concepts alongside a caller story. He aboriginal went connected to accidental that Breath of the Wild 2 volition so beryllium a “continuation” of the original, meaning we should expect to spot much of the Hyrule we’ve travel to cognize and emotion implicit the past fewer years.

The latest E3 trailer confirmed overmuch of that connection — though we present person a clump of floating islands successful the entity we’ll beryllium capable to explore. It’s unclear if these locations volition beryllium easy accessible portion roaming astir connected the ground, oregon if they’ll beryllium acceptable successful a wholly antithetic timeline — akin to the young and big Link variants seen successful Ocarina of Time.

One happening everyone picked up from the uncover trailer is the information that this introduction is looking to beryllium a overmuch darker escapade than its predecessor. Aonuma went connected to corroborate this, saying the introduction volition beryllium akin to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask successful code — easy the darkest and astir disturbing crippled successful the series. How precisely that volition play retired is unknown, however, it’s been confirmed that it volition not necktie into Majora’s Mask successful immoderate way. It mightiness beryllium going for a akin aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean immoderate communicative elements from the deed Nintendo 64 rubric volition marque an appearance.

Apparently, the driving origin for making a Breath of the Wild sequel came from the improvement squad conjuring up excessively galore DLC ideas. While DLC works to adhd tiny changes to a crippled — it fundamentally functions arsenic an enlargement — you’re often constricted to the existing operation of the title. Aonuma said that the squad had immoderate large changes they wanted to implement, but they couldn’t bash this utilizing DLC. As clip went connected and much ideas began percolating, it became wide that a caller crippled was the lone mode to marque these a reality.

Zelda and Link exploring a cave.

As soon arsenic the trailer was revealed astatine E3 2019, the net exploded with rumors and speculation. Not each of it is reliable, but we’ve compiled a database of the astir realistic rumblings. Nintendo hasn’t commented either mode astir the pursuing claims, truthful it’s imaginable that immoderate of these large ideas mightiness marque it into the last product:

  • The uncover trailer shows Link and Zelda exploring immoderate benignant of underground chamber, but Zelda looks markedly antithetic than we remember. Her hairsbreadth has been chopped abbreviated into a benignant of bob, and fans are speculating that’s due to the fact that she volition beryllium a playable character. Shorter hairsbreadth has little of a accidental of clipping into different objects and makes it easier to propulsion disconnected a cleanable look without immoderate janky animation. We’re not definite however apt this is — but we can’t contradict it would beryllium large to tally astir Hyrule arsenic idiosyncratic different than Link.
  • Watching Link and Zelda unneurotic successful the uncover trailer gave immoderate fans the content that this mightiness beryllium a co-op title. Aonuma was asked astir this anticipation and didn’t springiness a nonstop answer. While it astir apt won’t beryllium the driving unit of the game, we’re hopeful that you’ll beryllium capable to spouse up with a person this clip around.
  • Several cave paintings look to notation a clip earlier the Calamity occurred. Does this mean the rubric could beryllium a prequel to the original?
  • Traditional dungeons mightiness marque a return. Since players are already acquainted with the representation of Hyrule, it makes consciousness that caller locations volition person to beryllium underground oregon indoors.
  • Ganondorf is the astir apt villain, arsenic helium fits the quality of the slumped-over corpse seen successful the trailer. Some are besides speculating that Zant, 1 of the antagonists of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, mightiness besides marque a return, but determination isn’t overmuch grounds to backmost up this claim.

As for the latest E3 2021 gameplay trailer, we saw Link with a fewer caller tricks — specified arsenic the quality to teleport done coagulated objects and a deadly caller gauntlet — and it confirmed that overmuch of BOTW2 won’t stray excessively acold from the archetypal title. Speculation is already swirling astir however Link, Zelda, and Ganon each acceptable into the picture, but for now, it’s conscionable a clump of instrumentality theories, careless of however intriguing they whitethorn be. Until Nintendo gives america immoderate much factual details, we’ll permission the guesswork up to net sleuths.


The crippled is rumored to see co-op — but that’s lone due to the fact that fans saw Link and Zelda exploring unneurotic successful the uncover trailer. Nothing is authoritative yet, though offering co-op would beryllium a monolithic alteration erstwhile compared to the archetypal Breath of the Wild.


No DLC plans person been confirmed, but Nintendo volition astir apt connection immoderate signifier of post-release support. If we’re utilizing Breath of the Wild arsenic a baseline, expect to spot plentifulness of DLC packs released successful the months pursuing Breath of the Wild 2’s arrival.


It’s inactive a agelong mode off, but you tin pre-order Breath of the Wild 2 connected Amazon and Best Buy.

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