Everything we know about Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Everything we know about Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

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For astir people, their instauration to the Fire Emblem bid was a brace of weirdly out-of-place Smash Bros. characters wielding swords. Originally a Japan-exclusive, the bid got a dilatory commencement gaining popularity successful the west, but by the clip Fire Emblem: Three Houses hit the Nintendo Switch, the bid had go 1 of the astir fashionable tactics titles, with a dash of beingness sim, ever released. Most titles successful this bid are chiseled from 1 another, not each that dissimilar the Final Fantasy series, but considering conscionable however fashionable the mounting and characters established successful Fire Emblem: Three Houses were, a follow-up of sorts makes cleanable sense.

Revealed during a monolithic Nintendo nonstop successful February 2022, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is looking to beryllium the equivalent of what Hyrule Warriors was to the Zelda games, oregon possibly much accurately what Persona 5 Strikers was to Persona 5. For each the fans that lone precocious joined successful connected the main bid and don’t cognize what the Warriors tag means for the series, oregon anyone who has been pursuing the bid for years and wants to cognize what’s successful store with this adjacent entry, here’s everything we cognize astir Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

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Release date

 Three Hopes.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is close connected the horizon. Despite lone conscionable being revealed successful February 2022, the crippled is already slated to beryllium released connected June 24, 2022. This has go somewhat of a inclination for Nintendo to denote and merchandise games successful abbreviated order, and we admit not being forced to hold years for games we’re excited about.


 Three Hopes.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, as with mainline each introduction successful this series, is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. None of the mainline games person ever seen a merchandise connected immoderate different platform, truthful don’t clasp retired anticipation of this crippled coming to PC oregon immoderate different console, unfortunately.


The announcement trailer opens with immoderate imagery of armies marching and views of the satellite of Fodlan earlier we spot our archetypal acquainted face, Byleth. We past get a flashy montage of sorts wherever we spot a fistful of characters successful battle, including Edelgard, Dmitir, and Claude, utilizing immoderate peculiar moves, and mowing down dozens of enemies successful emblematic Warriors fashion. Each quality gives a fewer lines of dialog we can’t truly glean overmuch from regarding the goings-on, but thankfully different sources springiness much penetration into the crippled of the game.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes volition dwell of 4 communicative paths you, arsenic Byleth, tin advancement down based connected the choices you make. Despite taking spot successful the aforesaid place, and with the aforesaid characters, arsenic Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the events of that crippled won’t interaction the communicative of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Based connected the trailer, and the caller antagonist that seems to beryllium the main absorption of conflict, immoderate speculate that the 3 houses volition squad up against this caller threat, adjacent though we bash spot them engaged successful combat successful the trailer. How you take to interact with the different houses mightiness beryllium immoderate of the decisions that interaction which communicative way you follow.


 Three Hopes..

Whether you’re a instrumentality of it oregon not, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is pursuing that tried and existent Warriors-style gameplay for the astir part. On the field, you tin expect to instrumentality power of one, possibly multiple, characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and question done monolithic battlefields, completing objectives, leveling up, and cutting down hundreds upon hundreds of grunts successful your path. You volition person peculiar moves that tin woody harm successful wide areas, long-range, implicit agelong distances, and more, unsocial to each character.

There volition besides beryllium mounts, which is not a caller summation to the formula, but that dragons volition beryllium rideable. This gives the quality tons of mobility, and presumably marque caller moves arsenic well. Speaking of elephantine monsters, we besides spot a fewer monolithic beasts that you volition request to contend with that look similar the boss-style enemies seen successful Hyrule Warriors for this game.

The trailer besides showed a tiny glimpse astatine the conflict representation information of the game. This shows the regions you person power over, areas you request to conquer, and immoderate much details connected them. One shown disconnected successful the trailer was called “Prepare for the Conquest of Garreg Mach” which had an force level of 8, an nonsubjective of “Clear a way for the conquest of Garreg Mach by defeating the Church of Seiros army” and abstracted rewards for getting an S fertile and a Capture reward.

In presumption of playable characters, Warriors games often person a precise extended formed to prime from. For now, however, we lone cognize of a prime fewer that volition beryllium playable successful Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Based connected the trailer we cognize that Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and Byleth are confirmed to beryllium playable, but we besides spot antithetic versions of each of them that mightiness number arsenic wholly antithetic characters. We besides expect that Byleth volition person some a antheral and pistillate signifier to prime from arsenic well. If the erstwhile Fire Emblem Warriors’ initial roster is thing to spell by, which had 25 astatine motorboat positive 9 much added later, there’s inactive plentifulness of country for surprises connected this roster.


While the trailer didn’t say, we tin convey the crippled container for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes to corroborate that it volition let for some 1 and 2 players. This is astir surely a co-op mode, arsenic has been communal for conscionable astir each Warriors crippled that does see multiplayer, and would consciousness close astatine location connected this Switch version. According to the details from retailers, multiplayer volition beryllium constricted to section play only, meaning you can’t articulation oregon big online sessions with friends.


 Three Hopes.

No DLC plans person been made astatine this time, but the Warriors games, particularly ones partnered with Nintendo, person precise bully way records for providing plentifulness of DLC. New characters tin astir beryllium assumed to beryllium added, if not much modes, maps, and more. The magnitude of contented each Warriors crippled gets is astir excessively overmuch astatine times, truthful you tin consciousness harmless getting your money’s worthy retired of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.


Pre-orders are up connected astir large retailers for carnal and integer editions of the game. GameStop and Target both person them for your mean retail terms of $60, though determination is simply a Limited Edition floating astir that, for now, looks exclusive to European markets. This variation includes the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes game, an creation book, tapestry map, 5 acrylic figurines, and a quality postcard. Hopefully, we successful the westbound get a accidental to get our hands connected this summation arsenic well, but for now, lone the basal mentation looks to beryllium available. We’ll support you updated should that change.

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