Everything we know about State of Decay 3

Everything we know about State of Decay 3

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While the world’s zombie obsession isn’t arsenic prevalent arsenic it was a fewer years ago, we’re inactive staged to spot immoderate superior undead enactment successful the future. Undead Labs has a 3rd introduction successful its State of Decay bid successful the works that volition surely pit an eclectic formed of survivors against hordes of wandering undead arsenic they effort to rebuild a location successful a brutal world. Each introduction of the bid truthful acold has included action-adventure, survival-horror, stealth, role-playing, and strategy elements, blending genres into an absorbing civilization-rebuilding, zombie-decapitating experience.

We inactive don’t person a batch of details connected what State of Decay 3 volition look like, but we’ve been stealthily searching the wasteland for immoderate quality we tin find. Here’s everything we cognize astir State of Decay 3 close now.

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Release date

Neither Undead Labs nor Microsoft has announced a merchandise day for State of Decay 3, which means it volition beryllium a portion earlier we spot the much-anticipated sequel. When the cinematic announcement trailer was released astatine the Xbox Games Showcase lawsuit successful July 2020, Undead Labs said the crippled was successful the aboriginal pre-production stages. According to reports, Undead Labs was pressured into releasing an announcement trailer earlier developers felt similar they were acceptable to bash so. A March 2022 investigative study from Kotaku outlined Undead Labs’ monolithic civilization displacement aft it was acquired by Microsoft successful 2018 which has resulted in allegations of mismanagement, burnout, and misogyny.

It appears the task is inactive successful pre-production and the concern astatine Undead Labs doesn’t bode good for a merchandise anytime soon.


Being published by Xbox Game Studios, State of Decay 3 will beryllium disposable connected the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC. It’s improbable that the crippled volition beryllium released during a timeframe wherever caller games are inactive being featured connected last-gen consoles.


Our archetypal and lone look astatine State of Decay 3 is the cinematic announcement released by Microsoft successful July 2020. While determination aren’t immoderate crippled oregon gameplay details successful the trailer, there’s inactive a spot to unpack.

The trailer shows a lone pistillate subsister trying to past successful a cold, hostile situation (fans person suggested the game’s determination could beryllium Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, oregon Canada based connected the scenery). Sharpening woody bolts for her crossbow beside a campfire, the subsister hears something in the surrounding wood — piercing achromatic eyes look successful the darkness, staring down astatine the lone human. Instead of firing her crossbow, moving away, oregon astatine slightest extinguishing her occurrence to beryllium little visible, the subsister does thing we’ve each been taught not to bash successful a zombie apocalypse script — she screams astatine immoderate is hunting her, not retired of fear, but seemingly to intimidate it. And it works! Whatever was creeping up connected her campsite runs away. But what was it? In each erstwhile State of Decay entry, dependable is an implicit no-no. The much sound you make, the much zombies volition pursuit you down, yelling and calling much undead allies on the way.

Later successful the abbreviated trailer, the subsister finds a way of humor successful the snowfall and begins tracking someone, oregon something, that’s been wounded. Staring down the eyesights of her crossbow, she sees a wolf carcass being eaten by what looks similar a zombified cervid — the full close broadside of its look is ripped unfastened and rotting. After a beat, the cervid lets retired a horrifying shriek, and the trailer abruptly ends.

Weren’t zombies enough? Now we person to woody with zombie animals retired successful the wilderness too? We anticipation determination are important limb upgrades from the elemental crossbow shown successful the trailer. We’re going to request each the firepower we tin find.


We don’t person immoderate circumstantial gameplay details yet, but we’re assuming that the halfway of State of Decay 3 will look a batch similar its predecessors. Controlling a tiny assemblage of survivors, players volition comb the representation for supplies to survive, different mislaid folks to enlistee to their community, and plentifulness of Plague Hearts to destruct surrounded by countless zombies.

A fewer things fans expect to get an overhaul are the game’s base-building strategy (which was a small clunky successful SOD2), more robust customization options for weapons, cars, clothes, etc., and a spot much quality development. While the characters of SOD2 had plentifulness of inheritance stories to stock and quirky one-liners that gave them a spot of life, determination was virtually nary alteration to characters passim the game, and precise fewer instances wherever characters earnestly bonded. If a longstanding subordinate of the assemblage got taken retired by a stray plague zombie, the remainder of the unit would person debased morale for a time oregon truthful and possibly springiness a azygous remorseful line, but past it was backmost to business.


State of Decay 2 was chiefly a solo venture, but determination were plentifulness of ways to play with friends oregon articulation successful connected strangers’ games. After you started a campaign, you could person a person articulation you, taking implicit different subsister successful your community. There were a fewer limitations to the strategy though. The incoming subordinate would beryllium tethered to the host, meaning if the 2nd subordinate strayed excessively acold distant they would black-screen and instrumentality to an country adjacent to the host. So determination was nary country for wholly abstracted exploration connected the aforesaid map, and the tethering strategy made speedy getaways from zombie hordes a small excessively casual successful immoderate cases.

Players could besides usage the in-game vigor to enactment retired a telephone for assistance connected the State of Decay servers, inviting immoderate different subordinate online to leap successful and play connected your map.

There was besides cross-platform play enabled betwixt Xbox and PC players.

It’s harmless to presume that State of Decay 3 will person akin multiplayer options successful place. One enactment that we judge was missing from its predecessor was genuinely shared servers. Building up a assemblage with your person that you some could entree astatine immoderate clip would beryllium great, arsenic opposed to having a buddy leap into a representation you owned. It was ne'er precise amusive to enactment successful enactment connected someone’s assemblage and level up a subsister lone to log connected to your ain crippled and beryllium backmost astatine quadrate one.


State of Decay 2 saw a fistful of DLCs during its lifetime. Each 1 introduced a fistful of caller weapons, vehicles, outfits, and installation mods to the game, spicing up the crippled a bit.

The last DLC, titled Heartland, brought players backmost to Trumbull Valley, the archetypal mounting of State of Decay, for a much story-based crippled mode. In Heartland, players take from 2 sets of starting characters who person traveled to Trumbull Valley for antithetic reasons. Both pairs of survivors are connected a ngo to find radical important to them — characters who appeared successful the archetypal State of Decay. The DLC besides introduced the largest basal tract successful the game, humor plague freaks (freaks are super-powered zombies with peculiar abilities successful the basal crippled — present they tin infect you with humor plague too!), and answers to questions astir however precisely the humor plague came to be.

We volition surely spot a fistful of DLCs released for State of Decay 3. It’ll beryllium absorbing to spot if immoderate volition revisit a erstwhile mounting like Heartland considering however antithetic the snow-covered mountains of the caller titles look to be.


Since there’s nary hint astatine a merchandise date, there’s perfectly nary pre-order accusation available. We’ll fto you cognize erstwhile those deals go available.

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