Everything we know about The Witcher 4

Everything we know about The Witcher 4

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The Witcher bid whitethorn person begun arsenic a bid of novels, but there’s small statement that it wasn’t the games that took this niche Polish phantasy satellite to mainstream success. The archetypal crippled was a unsmooth but ambitious debut for developer CD Projekt Red, but it was with the sequels that they — and the games — became precise impressive. The Witcher 3 in peculiar was a monolithic success, some successful presumption of income and captious reception. The open-world crippled brought millions of players into the satellite of monsters, magic, politics, and a heavy RPG communicative that galore see to beryllium the apical of the genre.

After the game’s success, starring to aggregate spinoff properties including a live-action Netflix amusement and the stand-alone Gwent paper game, fewer doubted that the bid would extremity there. While the team’s archetypal effort astatine a caller IP near overmuch to beryllium desired, CD Projekt Red looks to recapture the goodwill and occurrence that enactment them connected the representation with different introduction which, for present astatine least, is being considered The Witcher 4. There are just a fewer details to excavation into astatine the moment, with not overmuch much than an announcement that the task is being worked on, but here’s everything we cognize truthful acold astir The Witcher 4.

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Release date

Geralt looking astatine  upland  successful  The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 4 has nary merchandise day of immoderate kind. We don’t adjacent cognize what twelvemonth this crippled mightiness hap to merchandise in, but we bash cognize that The Witcher 3 took the squad astir 3 and a fractional to 4 years of improvement time, portion Cyberpunk 2077 took adjacent longer than that. If The Witcher 4 is going to beryllium astir the aforesaid scale, and with improvement being truthful aboriginal that there’s thing to beryllium shown yet, the champion we tin conjecture close present is that it volition beryllium astatine slightest 3 oregon 4 years earlier this crippled is acceptable astatine the earliest.


No platforms person been confirmed, but based connected the estimated timeline, The Witcher 4 should firmly beryllium a current-gen lone game. We would expect a PS5, Xbox Series X/ S, and PC mentation to merchandise simultaneously. While The Witcher 3 somehow managed to cram itself onto the Switch, we don’t deliberation that volition beryllium imaginable this clip around. Again, thing is acceptable successful chromatic present either.


A talisman depicting a canine  with glowing reddish  eyes lays successful  the snow.

Well, this is simply a spot of a bummer, but we lone person a azygous representation truthful acold successful presumption of … well, thing The Witcher 4 related. The representation itself is conscionable of a glowing wolf necklace, which denotes which schoolhouse a Witcher is from, with glowing reddish eyes half-buried successful snow. Is this Geralt’s pendant? It could be, but it could besides beryllium to galore different Witchers. We don’t cognize if Geralt volition adjacent beryllium successful this game, though Executive Producer John Mamais has stated antecedently that they could spot themselves bringing Geralt backmost successful aboriginal games, though not needfully arsenic the main character.

The Witcher 4 could besides instrumentality spot before, oregon agelong after, the adventures of Geralt. If it does instrumentality spot aft The Witcher 3, then we volition person to cognize which ending the squad considers canon arsenic well. A prequel could beryllium a absorption they would privation to instrumentality the bid to springiness each the caller fans of the satellite an easier introduction point. So overmuch is uncertain that it is astir useless to speculate until we spot adjacent a azygous quality oregon video, truthful enactment tuned.


Enemy successful  The Witcher Monster Slayer attacking done  phone.

We person nary gameplay to analyse present either, but we bash consciousness assured that CD Projekt Red won’t privation to shingle their flagship bid up excessively overmuch successful the gameplay department. We bash anticipation the combat successful The Witcher 4 is improved, but successful presumption of it being a third-person, open-world RPG with heavy narratives and dynamic characters, each we tin anticipation is that this adjacent crippled lives up to the standards that the past crippled did. We don’t request a bigger world, either, but much item and ways to interact and interaction it with our decisions would beryllium ideal.

Once we spot the crippled successful action, we tin commencement to speech astir what is changed and what volition enactment the same.


No CD Projekt Red crippled has had multiplayer, and portion it would beryllium absorbing to deliberation astir hunting monsters with a squad of Witchers, that’s astir apt amended disconnected arsenic a thought. All the Witcher games are truthful grounded successful you being Geralt, making choices, and going done an escapade that multiplayer conscionable seems similar a mediocre fit. They mightiness beryllium capable to bash truthful successful a antithetic mode divorced from the single-player, but it would astir apt consciousness similar a tacked-on other that isn’t truly what fans of the bid are looking for.


Geralt looking implicit    a foggy mansion.

The Witcher 3 had immoderate of the champion DLC successful caller memory, particularly for a single-player RPG. While that shot has been dropped with Cyberpunk, we person precocious expectations that the squad volition not lone privation to marque up for that blunder with The Witcher 4, but besides unrecorded up to their ain standards erstwhile again. We anticipation for much large storylines to beryllium added that supply much details, lore, and absorbing choices to the satellite successful aboriginal contented updates that consciousness much similar the old-school enlargement packs than what passes for DLC successful astir modern games.


This 1 volition beryllium a while. The Witcher 4 doesn’t adjacent person an authoritative rubric yet, fto unsocial immoderate benignant of merchandise window. Heck, we don’t adjacent cognize what systems we tin play it connected for definite conscionable yet. It volition astir apt beryllium a fewer years yet earlier pre-orders spell up, but erstwhile they do, we volition beryllium definite to fto you cognize each those details here. The Witcher 3 had immoderate large editions to prime from, truthful hopefully The Witcher 4 volition travel suit arsenic well.

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