EVGA shows off ridiculous dual RTX 3090 Ti gaming PC setup

EVGA shows off ridiculous dual RTX 3090 Ti gaming PC setup

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The thought of a gaming PC dual-wielding Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti GPUs whitethorn dependable absurd, but EVGA conscionable made the ridiculous rig a reality. Spotted by Wccftech, the configuration was shared by Vince Lucido, a renowned utmost overclocker and subordinate of the EVGA team, and the configuration uses 2 power supplies hooked up to 4 16-Pin Gen 5 PCIe power connectors.

The setup successful question uses 2 EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin GPUs, 1 of the best graphics cards connected the marketplace successful presumption of specs. As you’d possibly expect, this trial seat benignant rig is ravenous erstwhile it comes to power, arsenic the card’s 1,200W TDP means the setup could gully a whopping 2,400W.

Lucido’s ludicrous customized GPU configuration is beautifully impractical, and it makes the rumoured RTX 4090 powerfulness scope of 850W look reasonable. However, the overclocking enthusiast apt plans to smash immoderate satellite records, arsenic the Galax RTX 3090 HOF presently holds the timepiece velocity crown with show reaching 3GHz (via Videocardz).

Ongoing component shortages mean it’s hard to get a clasp of 1 GPU, ne'er caput a brace of premium customized cards. Nevertheless, it’ll beryllium chill to spot however acold Lucido tin propulsion the RTX 3090 Ti, adjacent if it doesn’t construe into a applicable mode to boost fps.

The endeavour whitethorn acceptable a caller barroom wrong the utmost overclocking scene, but the rumour mill says adjacent the RTX 4060 could lucifer the RTX 3090 Ti’s ray tracing performance. Therefore, we astir apt won’t request to hold excessively agelong earlier we spot an adjacent much outrageous overclocking setup that uses Nvidia next-gen tech.