EVGA X12 Mouse Review

EVGA X12 Mouse Review

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EVGA X12 Style Picture

Lighting Color RGB

The EVGA X12 has a sculpted gamer benignant overall. It has a matte achromatic integrative assemblage with autarkic RGB zones connected some beforehand corners, the scroll wheel, and the EVGA logo badge connected the thenar rest. Although this rodent is smaller, its wide signifier and plan lucifer the Dell Alienware AW610M and Dell Alienware AW310M.

EVGA X12 3D Model

Length 4.8" (123 mm)

Height 1.6" (41 mm)

Width 2.8" (70 mm)

Grip Width 58 mm

EVGA X12 Portability picture

Volume 21.42 in³ (351 cm³)

Cable/Receiver Storing No

Maximum Weight With Wire 110 g

Maximum Weight Without Wire 77 g

Minimum Weight Without Wire 77 g

Weight Distribution Centered

Extra Weights No

EVGA X12 Build prime   picture

The EVGA X12 feels well-built overall, and the assemblage has a somewhat textured coating for other grip. There's nary flexing successful the apical oregon bottommost shell; however, there's flexing successful the sides, and you tin actuate the broadside buttons by pressing into the integrative astir them. That said, this isn't an contented erstwhile utilizing the rodent normally. There's besides insignificant wobbling successful the scroll wheel, and the L/R click buttons rattle if you shingle the mouse, but again, these issues don't contiguous immoderate problems during mean use.

Right-handed No

Left-handed No

Ambidextrous Yes

Coating Matte

Finger Rest Thumb and Pinky

The EVGA X12 has an unconventional shape, but it's somewhat akin to the Dell Alienware AW610M and Dell Alienware AW310M. This rodent is smaller than both, but it has a akin symmetrical signifier and duplicate fins that widen from either broadside adjacent the rear of the rodent that enactment arsenic a thumb and pinky rest. That said, it's a existent ambidextrous rodent arsenic it has a brace of broadside buttons connected the near and close sides, making it a imaginable standout prime if you're left-handed.

EVGA X12 Palm Grip Picture

Small Hand Yes

Medium Hand Yes

Large Hand Yes

X.Large Hand No

If you person extra-large hands, you'll find your fingers volition widen past the beforehand borderline of the rodent utilizing a thenar grip. If you person ample hands, you'll apt find this rodent conscionable hardly ample capable for you to comfortably usage a thenar grip, depending connected however acold guardant you typically spot your palm.

EVGA X12 Claw Grip Picture

Small Hand Yes

Medium Hand Yes

Large Hand Yes

X.Large Hand No

If you person extra-large hands, you'll request to curl your fingers precise aggressively to usage this rodent with a claw grip.

EVGA X12 Fingertip Grip Picture

Small Hand No

Medium Hand Yes

Large Hand Yes

X.Large Hand Yes

If you person smaller hands, you whitethorn find the beforehand broadside buttons oregon the scroll instrumentality are hard to scope comfortably utilizing a fingertip grip.

Bluetooth No

Receiver No

Battery Type No Batteries

Use When Charging No

On/Off Activation None

Receiver Extender No

Battery Indicator No

Cable Length 6.6 ft (2.0 m)

Cable Type Paracord-like

Permanent Kink Yes

Port Type: Mouse End No Port

Port Type: PC End USB

The EVGA X12's cablegram isn't astir arsenic lightweight and flexible arsenic the paracord-like cables connected akin gaming mice. In summation to its comparative stiffness, it besides retains plentifulness of kinks from being packaged.

EVGA X12 Mouse Feet picture

Gliding Experience Good

Material PTFE

Extra Included No

The EVGA X12's feet glide good connected some mousepads and desks, with lone minimal scratching sounds erstwhile utilized straight connected a desk. Unfortunately, the feet person crisp corners that whitethorn origin added friction connected immoderate surfaces, and they're somewhat thinner than the EVGA X15's feet.

EVGA X12 In the container  picture

  • EVGA X12
  • User documentation


Sensor Technology Optical (LED)

Sensor Model PixArt PMW3389

Works On Glass No

Minimum CPI (DPI) 50 CPI

Maximum CPI (DPI) 16,000 CPI

CPI (DPI) Adjustment Steps 50 CPI

CPI (DPI) Variation 11%

Minimum Lift Off Distance 1.2 mm

Maximum Polling Rate 8000 Hz

The EVGA X12's disposable polling complaint options are 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz, 4000Hz, and 8000Hz. Using higher polling rates produces smoothing-feeling cursor movements, but the betterment becomes little noticeable aft 1000Hz, the existent modular for gaming mice. Using higher polling complaint settings consumes importantly much strategy resources, truthful you'll request a higher-end strategy to instrumentality afloat vantage of this feature. You tin configure up to 5 customized CPI settings per idiosyncratic illustration utilizing the configuration software, and you tin rhythm betwixt these settings utilizing the CPI fastener down the scroll instrumentality by default. The EVGA X12 besides has an autarkic lift-off region sensor, and you tin besides set the lift-off region settings utilizing the customization software. Unfortunately, the sensor demonstrates a just magnitude of CPI variation. The sensor undershoots the acceptable CPI by 13.06% during accelerated cursor movements and 1.8% during dilatory movements.

EVGA X12 Buttons Picture

Buttons Activation Mechanical

Total Number Of Buttons 9

Number Of Side Buttons 4

Number Of Programmable Inputs 8

Profile Switching Button Yes

CPI (DPI) Switching Button Yes

Gesture Support No

You tin reprogram astir each the EVGA X12's buttons, including the dedicated CPI fastener down the scroll wheel, but you can't reprogram the scroll instrumentality up/down inputs oregon the profile button connected the underside of the mouse. Also, the bundle ensures that you person astatine slightest 1 fastener acceptable arsenic the left-click fastener astatine each times. You tin reprogram buttons to execute macros, media controls, keyboard shortcuts, CPI adjustments, illustration configurations, and more. Using the software, you tin power betwixt a left- oregon right-handed mode, which swaps the left- and right-click buttons.

EVGA X12 Mouse instrumentality    picture

Scroll Wheel Notched Wheel

Scroll Wheel Steps 24 Steps

Scroll Wheel Tilt No

Thumb Wheel No

Thumb Wheel Steps No Thumb Wheel

The EVGA X12's scroll instrumentality feels precise and has well-defined steps. There's a grippy, textured rubber aboveground connected the instrumentality and the mediate click is casual to actuate. There's an audible scrolling noise, but it isn't large compared to different mice.

Click Latency: Receiver N/A

Click Latency: Bluetooth N/A

Click Latency: Wired 9 ms

The EVGA X12 has fantabulous click latency. It's debased capable to supply a precise creaseless and responsive feeling for gaming successful immoderate genre. This rodent besides supports NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer, a postulation of technologies that tin assistance you measurement your input lag connected your strategy wrong compatible games and with compatible monitors. The results of this trial were obtained utilizing the maximum polling complaint of 8000Hz.

Operating System And Software

EVGA X12 Software settings screenshot

Software Name EVGA Unleash RGB

Software Windows Compatibility Yes

Software macOS Compatibility No

Account Needed No

On-Board Memory Yes

CPI (DPI) Adjustment Yes

Polling Rate Adjustment Yes

Profile Configuration Yes

RGB On/Off Yes

The EVGA X12 uses EVGA's Unleash RGB bundle for customization. It's casual to usage and has an intuitive layout. It doesn't person immoderate unnecessary bloatware and allows you to reprogram buttons, customize the RGB lighting, modify idiosyncratic profiles, fine-tune the lift-off distance, and acceptable customized CPI settings.

Windows Compatibility Fully

macOS Compatibility Partially

The companion bundle for the EVGA X12 isn't compatible with macOS, truthful you can't make customized profiles. As a result, the illustration switching fastener connected the underside is useless if you're a macOS user; however, the default relation of each the different buttons works fine.

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