Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admits he's not a man of courage

Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admits he's not a man of courage

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Not daring?

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He screams, but helium can't sprout a 3 truthful well.

He dances, but helium can't dribble.

He's been precise successful, but what are the characteristics that made Steve Ballmer the, um, fashionable CEO that helium became?

You've apt asked yourself that galore times, arsenic you've battled with 1 mentation of Windows oregon another.

Thankfully, I'm yet prepared to connection you thing of an answer, 1 that whitethorn marque you slumber amended astatine night.

You see, I've tally headlong into a astonishing Ballmerian confession.

The erstwhile Microsoft CEO was interviewed by 1 of his erstwhile Los Angeles Clippers players -- Serge Ibaka -- connected a amusement called How Hungry Are You?

I'd ever imagined Ballmer tended toward the ravenous extremity of the spectrum. Relentless, driven and ever bare to exploit lawsuit companies worldwide.

Yet present helium was confessing that helium isn't precisely garlanded with a diagnostic truthful lauded successful galore of his peers.

Ibaka asked Ballmer whether helium had ambitions to spell into space.

It's the thing, aft all, erstwhile you've made a batch of money. It's the happening that says you're a existent boss, an intrepid adventurer -- with enormous, abrupt muscles -- into life's furthest domains.

"Jeff Bezos went to space. When are you going to space?" asked Ibaka.

Ballmer was touchingly succinct: "Never."

"Why?" asked Ibaka.

"I'm a chicken," confessed Ballmer.

Of course, helium was referring to carnal chickenness alternatively than immoderate different kind, but 1 couldn't assistance wondering whether this had greater intelligence depths. (One is similar that.)

Ballmer said helium was amazed that Bezos had embraced space. One oregon 2 radical whitethorn beryllium amazed that Ballmer embraces chickenhood. Three oregon 4 radical whitethorn not.

They mightiness sniff that Microsoft was, for truthful galore years, an inherently blimpish enactment that utilized its marketplace powerfulness to musculus customers into submission but seldom had the courageousness to animate quality beings toward rapture. The way, immoderate mightiness say, Steve Jobs, did.

Their presumption mightiness beryllium enhanced by Ballmer admitting that "the craziest happening I've done similar that" -- that is, similar going into abstraction -- was buying the Los Angeles Clippers.

Should you not beryllium acquainted with this team, they're astatine the mediocre extremity of the precocious echelons, with a inclination toward failing to marque the large step. You know, similar noticing cellphones mightiness go a large thing. (Disclosure: Golden State Warriors fan.)

But please, determination are large riches to beryllium had from being conservative, not taking excessively galore risks and acting with a paucity of imagination.

Why, Ballmer reminded Ibaka however affluent helium truly is. He revealed that Bezos is moving into his neighborhood.

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