Exclusive: Moon Knight's MCU future may not be with the Midnight Sons

Exclusive: Moon Knight's MCU future may not be with the Midnight Sons

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Steven Grant stares astatine  his reflection   successful  Marvel Studios' Moon Knight
Moon Knight could crook up successful a fig of different Marvel Studios projects. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Moon Knight enforcement shaper Grant Curtis has suggested that the superpowered vigilante could look successful immoderate fig of upcoming Marvel projects.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar, Curtis revealed that Moon Knight's supernatural leaning doesn't needfully mean that he'll squad up with Blade and different likewise positioned heroes to signifier the Midnight Sons.

Marvel Studios is pressing up with a caller live-action Blade movie, portion its Eternals movie acceptable up Kit Harington to represent Black Knight successful aboriginal productions. Those elements, combined with Moon Knight's debut connected Disney Plus, person galore fans excitedly claiming that it's lone a substance of clip earlier a Midnight Sons task is greenlit.

Moon Knight pb prima Oscar Isaac has already fanned those flames, telling Comicbook.com that "it would beryllium a chill radical to see" successful a live-action capacity. In a abstracted interrogation (thanks to MCU Geek for the catch), the Dune and Star Wars histrion besides stated his tendency to prima alongside Blade, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider successful a Midnight Sons-style team-up. Meanwhile, co-star Ethan Hawke has hinted that Moon Knight could acceptable up a mini MCU franchise.

Moon Knight stands unsocial  aft  beating up   immoderate   enemies successful  his Marvel TV show

Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight could marque the leap to the large surface successful a Marvel movie. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Given the instrumentality furor surrounding specified a imaginable project, TechRadar asked Curtis straight wherever Moon Knight would look next. Unsurprisingly, Curtis suggested that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was the champion idiosyncratic to reply this query.

However, the erstwhile Spider-Man shaper did tease wherever Moon Knight whitethorn crook up successful Phase 4 and beyond. The elemental answer? Given Moon Knight's deficiency of ties to erstwhile Marvel Studios projects, the character's Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) aboriginal is practically limitless.

"That's a large question for the maestro himself, Kevin Feige," Curtis teased. "But what I tin archer you is we enactment Moon Knight – and Mark Spector and Steven Grant – successful truthful galore antithetic aspects of the show. Whether it is the horror, the tension, the quality study, oregon the comedy, I deliberation helium blends people with truthful galore corners of the MCU. As a fanboy, I can't hold to spot wherever helium goes next."

Interestingly, Moon Knight has been portion of aggregate superhero groups passim his astir 50-year comic publication history. The Fist of Khonshu has besides featured for the Avengers, Heroes for Hire, Marvel Knights, the Defenders, West Coast Avengers, and Secret Avengers. Of course, lone 1 of those teams – the Avengers – has appeared successful the MCU truthful far. The Defenders recently shifted from Netflix to Disney Plus, though nary of those shows beryllium arsenic portion of the MCU. 

Still, there's nary request for Marvel Studios to capable the Avengers-shaped spread successful the MCU and present a brand-new superhero radical successful its place. Moon Knight, and different MCU heroes for that matter, are escaped to squad up with immoderate different quality that Marvel sees fit. He's joined forces (or ran into) superheroes including Thor, Spider-Man, and Shang-Chi successful the comics, truthful wherefore wouldn't Moon Knight bash truthful successful the MCU, too? If they stock a communal enemy, it would marque consciousness for them to excavation their resources arsenic the Avengers did. Regardless, we'll person to spot what Marvel Studios has successful store for the quality erstwhile his TV amusement ends.

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