Exclusive: SolarWinds CEO calls for an end to 'victim shaming'

Exclusive: SolarWinds CEO calls for an end to 'victim shaming'

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SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna has called for an extremity to cyberattack “victim shaming”, which helium says contributes to an unwillingness among companies to stock captious intelligence.

In an exclusive interrogation with TechRadar Pro, Ramakrishna spoke astir the difficulties his institution faced successful the aftermath of the infamous hack, which came to airy successful December 2020

A cardinal tenet of the SolarWinds effect strategy was transparent communication, but Ramakrishna says the inclination to scold cyberattack victims means galore companies opt for a much secretive approach.

“There is inactive a batch of unfortunate shaming that happens. Therefore, companies are amended disconnected knowing an issue, fixing it and not saying thing astir it. There is decidedly hesitation to talk up,” helium told us.

“The thought that an onslaught could hap to anyone has go much prevalent, but that does not absolve you of the information that it happened to you. Every institution volition person a situation oregon two, but what matters is however absorption reacts and however the steadfast collaborates with third-parties.”

SolarWinds attack

Until 2020, SolarWinds was an chartless quantity to galore radical extracurricular the exertion sector. However, the IT monitoring institution recovered itself successful a authorities of situation erstwhile it emerged that cybercriminals had infiltrated its web and injected malware into a bundle update. 

This patch was delivered to galore thousands of customers, including authorities agencies and Fortune 500 businesses, starring to the compromise of hundreds of further networks and the theft of ample quantities of delicate data.

The proviso concatenation onslaught has been described arsenic 1 of the astir important attacks successful history, arsenic a effect of its scope, sophistication and knock-on effects connected the cybersecurity industry.

Although SolarWinds has managed mostly to close itself since the attack, with lawsuit retention levels present returning to pre-attack levels, the incidental had terrible effects connected the company’s bottommost line. However, determination is grounds to suggest the close lessons person not been learned.

Since the SolarWinds attack, a fig of akin high-profile cybersecurity events person taken place; determination was the Kaseya attack, Log4j and the caller Okta-Lapsus$ incident.

Asked wherefore proviso concatenation attacks proceed to occur, Ramakrishna told america that the quality of the information manufacture hands an vantage to the attacker.

“This is not conscionable a exertion issue, there’s a batch much to it,” helium said. “Each 1 of america is defending against an attacker. But connected 1 broadside is simply a coordinated service with a singular purpose, to attack, and connected the different is simply a acceptable of fragmented soldiers.”

“In the lawsuit of an incident, it’s important to leverage assistance from the community. We request to marque radical alert of issues faster; that mindset needs to found itself successful bundle security.”

A write-up of TechRadar Pro’s afloat speech with Ramakrishna volition beryllium published successful the coming weeks.

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