ExpressVPN expands its security suite with free password manager

ExpressVPN expands its security suite with free password manager

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ExpressVPN Keys interface connected  a greenish  background
(Image credit: ExpressVPN)

Our highest-rated VPN service, ExpressVPN, has conscionable launched a marque caller password manager instrumentality arsenic a mode to grow its information scope adjacent further. This volition let users to generate, store, and capable passwords that conscionable manufacture champion information practices with ease. 

Developed in-house from scratch, a constricted nationalist beta mentation of ExpressVPN Keys is present disposable crossed each its applications. The afloat bundle is acceptable to beryllium officially released to each users aboriginal this year.  

In opposition to different providers that complaint an further outgo to users - NordVPN with its NordPass, for illustration - ExpressVPN Keys is wholly free-to-use and volition beryllium disposable for each subscribers to the VPN.

"We’re arrogant to beryllium helping radical instrumentality power of their password information and bask a secure, effortless online experience," states the ExpressVPN team. "Unlike different password managers’ escaped offering, determination are nary limitations. We are besides arrogant to beryllium the archetypal VPN supplier to present a fully-fledged password manager arsenic portion of our existing subscription astatine nary other cost."

What is ExpressVPN keys?

Password managers are increasing successful popularity arsenic a mode to support your online relationship from hackers and snoopers. These tools are often utilized unneurotic with different information services, similar VPN and antivirus software, to adhd an other furniture of protection. 

Integrated wrong the ExpressVPN apps and its Chrome extension, Keys uses zero-knowledge encryption truthful that you volition beryllium the lone 1 to person entree to your logins. This means that your passwords tin lone beryllium decrypted connected your devices erstwhile you unlock ExpressVPN Keys with your ain credentials. 

Users volition beryllium capable to store an unlimited fig of logins arsenic good arsenic sync arsenic galore devices they wish. A built-in password generator and spot checker volition assistance you make the astir unafraid passcode, and Keys volition safely store each your logins, too.

As mentioned before, ExpressVPN Keys is presently rolling retired successful a constricted beta mentation arsenic a Chrome browser hold for Windows, Mac, and Linux arsenic good arsenic connected the Android ExpressVPN app. It volition beryllium disposable connected the ExpressVPN iOS app successful May. Later successful the year, it volition beryllium released to the wider public.  

ExpressVPN Keys laptop and smartphone interfaces

(Image credit: ExpressVPN)

ExpressVPN is not the lone supplier trying to grow its information reach. As cyber threats go much and much multifaceted, information companies are aiming to connection a much implicit extortion to its users - and, successful the process, ensuring customers inactive see the merchandise bully worth for money.

As mentioned before, besides NordVPN has developed its ain password manager instrumentality NordPass. The supplier has besides precocious introduced a caller diagnostic called Threat Protection that, adjacent though it can't lucifer up to dedicated antivirus programs, tin shield devices from immoderate online threats. 

Surfshark has besides released its ain afloat information suite. Users that determine to upgrade to its Surfshark One bundle volition person 4 cybersecurity tools with conscionable 1 subscription. These are its own VPN, a data leak detection system, a private hunt engine and antivirus software. 

It's nary astonishment that ExpressVPN is pursuing suit, and arsenic marketplace trends caput toward fuller packages, VPN-only offerings are apt to suffer.

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