Final Fantasy 16 ditches the divisive open world of its predecessor

Final Fantasy 16 ditches the divisive open world of its predecessor

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Final Fantasy 16 protagonist Clive, occurrence  burning successful  the background
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Despite the changes made by its predecessor, Final Fantasy 16 won't beryllium bringing america a ample unfastened world.

We've seen a large selling propulsion earlier today, successful the signifier of a bid of interviews with Final Fantasy 16 shaper Naoki Yoshida. Speaking with IGN (opens successful caller tab), Yoshida confirmed that the upcoming PS5 exclusive diverges importantly from Final Fantasy 15

“To bring a communicative that feels similar it spans an full globe and beyond, we decided to debar an unfastened satellite plan that limits america to a azygous unfastened satellite space, and alternatively absorption connected an autarkic area-based crippled plan that tin springiness players a amended consciousness of a genuinely 'global' scale," helium says. 

However, Yoshida explains that his sequel volition inactive incorporate "inspiration" from specified games, truthful anyone who enjoyed 15's attack won't beryllium near behind. "To make a crippled that mightiness excite and resonate not lone with our halfway fans, but besides with that caller generation, we played a batch of games ourselves, and truthful yes, successful [Final Fantasy 16] you’ll find inspiration from caller triple-A unfastened satellite RPGs."

Final Fantasy 15's formed  deed  the godforsaken  trail.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Moving beyond a troubled legacy

Many are hoping for a caller commencement with Final Fantasy 16, and it's not hard to spot wherefore aft Final Fantasy 15's troubled history. Beginning beingness successful 2006 arsenic a spin-off entry, Final Fantasy Versus 13, it soon fell into improvement hellhole earlier getting rebranded, efficaciously restarting improvement successful 2012. Come 2016, 15 yet launched and though it reviewed well, fans weren't rather arsenic enamoured. 

I'm a instrumentality of 15 but erstwhile I played it astatine launch, those improvement troubles were evident. When looking astatine the unfastened world, you'll find a beauteous spot filled with fantastic scenery, but lone for fractional the game. 15's 2nd fractional past moves distant from this unfastened format, placing the communicative connected a linear path, and you tin intelligibly spot however plan ideas clashed during development.

Worse still, there's hardly thing meaningful to bash crossed it. When Ignis wasn't driving the car for you, it was a chore to navigate. 15's unfastened satellite wasn't terrible, but it wasn't superb either. The Royal Edition added other quests but by that stage, it felt much similar catch-up. With each this successful mind, I tin spot wherefore Yoshida's taking a much reined successful attack for 16, and I judge it'll beryllium a stronger crippled for it.

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